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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Classic Ichabod - Jay Webber's Colleague, Roger Kovaciny, Puts Down His Grog to Deliver Another Famous Kovo Diatribe

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jay Webber's Colleague Roger Kovaciny Reminds Everyone How They All Worked For Floyd Luther Stolzenburg's Masonic CG Church

Roger Kovaciny (ex-WELS, ex-ELS) preached and taught at Stolzenburg's Masonic Church in Columbus, to raise money for Thoughts of Faith: John Shep (now ELCA) and Jay Webber (UOJ Stormtropper, ELS).

Prof. Roger Kovaciny has left a new comment on your post "Jay Webber, John Shep, DP Seifert, VP Kuske, Kovac...":

So many of your allegations are either outdated or incorrect that the only thing on your blog that I'll bother correcting is that you are an "independent" pastor. You're only "independent" in the sense that four congregations and four synods were glad to see the back of you don't want anything to do with Greg Jackson, ever again. Most of them allowed you to resign because it would have been so much trouble to force you to leave, and nobody thinks you're worth the trouble of blogging about. Virtually everybody would be happy if you'd just go away forever and if they would never see or hear from you again. I hope you don't think I bother reading your blog--somebody just told me I should check this particular article out. If anyone wants to know about your specific allegations, they know how to e-mail me. I'll let you know how many hundred queries I get.

The LCMS DP forced Stolzenburg to resign from his parish (Salem, Black Jack, Mo) - for cause. WELS knew he was ideal to promote the Church Growth Movement and set up an agency with Roger Zehms (also out of a parish and a marriage) for that very purpose.

Jay Webber had the Ukraine Seminary down so low that he was encouraged to leave. Enrollment went up afterwards. Now that's Church Growth. Shep, Webber, Kovaciny and ELS worked together to give Stolzenburg credibility as a "conservative" Lutheran pastor.
Isaiah 5:23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe, And take away justice from the righteous man!

UOJ is the false doctrine behind Church Growth and mainline apostasy. So Intrepids (sic) You Owe Jaya big thank-you for celebrating Reformation Month with a lengthy, smug, bilious attack on justification by faith.


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Jay Webber's Colleague Roger Kovaciny Reminds Ever...":

I'm curious to know if other people notice the thin, nearly translucent, skin of the UOJists and the Holy Mother Synod worshipers? It was a hallmark of these people on Bailing Water, Luther Quest[self sic], here on Ichabod and now again on Intrepid blog, to almost faint if one of their own clergy or theologians were shown to violate Christian doctrine using Scripture and the Confessions. Even if they were questioned on their confessionalism they would bristle. What has happened to these people that they do not seem to have a backbone to hear, discuss or in any way tolerate a person's opinion that does not 'glow' about the Synod or it's theologians. Pastor Rydecki has made it a talking point of concern "The risk of legitimizing the vitriol" Vitriol means, something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism. And what's the problem?... Some people and certainly myself have Scriptural and Confessional proof that (W)ELSians are teaching false doctrine. What is wrong with responding harshly to false doctrine and unrepentant false teachers? We get the same vitriol when the Synod worshipers respond in defense of these people and their doctrines. I don't see anyone on the Confessional side crying about this. Just strikes me as interesting and I chalk it up to their perversion of the central doctrine of Justification by faith alone but I'm curious if other people see it and may attribute it to something else.

By the way, the Intrepids and others have identified what they wish to call sloppy writing, sloppy theology, and overall less than ideal confession of doctrine but have any of these people identified as being sloppy ever corrected their sloppiness? Did Buchholz, Becker, Zarling, Webber, Rydecki, Preus, Seiltz, Humann, Rodmyre, Ski, Glende, etc. etc. etc.? None of them have retracted the "sloppy" theology. My point is that it's not sloppy theology. It's precise, exacting and purposeful, they intended to say exactly what was written and confessed. There's nothing sloppy about it. It wouldn't be so consistent if it was and they'd correct it if it was sloppy and inaccurate. Something to think about.


GJ - Jay Webber and Roger Kovaciny were engaged in propping up the Reformed doctrine of Church Growth 15-20 years ago.

I find the self-righteousness of the Neo-Pietists shameful.

The Tepid Lutherans have found the real enemy - not The SORE, not Church and Change - but those who teach justification by faith.

The Conference of Pussycats does not need to shut down the Tepids. The Tepids have already become Rottweilers for Church and Change. I could have tolerated their meandering, poor argumentation except they have chosen to guard Holy Mother Synod instead of the Word of God and the Confessions.

"My apologies. It's hard for me to keep my cool when the central doctrine of Scripture is being attacked. (Luther also had the same problem.) But that's no excuse. I'll be more respectful in the future.

Mr. Adam Peeler" (On the IL websty)

We know from Adam Peeler that they are not Bereans, but they are not Luthers either. Martin Luther taught justification by faith, not UOJ.

Their citation of Syn Conference writing is an excellent smoke screen, so that no one ventures too close to the Word.

The WELS Essay File is the Talmud of the Upper Midwest. Bow down.