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Friday, January 9, 2015

History of the Lutheran Blogs - Then and Now

Ichabod the Glory Has Departed

This is based on memory, so just assume it is nothing but "lies and slander," which is all I ever post - except 8 volumes of Luther's sermons, classic Lutheran books, etc.

LutherQuest is a discussion blog for people addicted to UOJ and petty arguments. They love to tear into each other and flatter each other. Jack Cascione is behind it, but he has retired and left his government supported congregation behind.

Steadfast Lutherans began to promote Matt the Fat Harrison as synod president, whose claim to confessional loyalty is a lifetime of working with ELCA/LCA/ALC and kissing up to Thrivent (aka LB/AAL). Their tolerance and promotion of Paul McCain, a non-scholar and non-pastor, plagiarist and all around nastyman, should tell you what you need to know about the blog, the group, and the LCMS. When Matt the Fat ordered Steadfast to erase all evidence of the latest LCMS sex offender, they did, with advantages, promotions following. SL is defintely a group UOJ shop. No other view is tolerated,allowed, or even linked.

Cyberbrethren seemed to post the eructations of Paul McCain, but lo, he was copying the blogs of Lutheran friends and the Catholic Encyclopedia. No one noticed this, and LutherQuest faithfully linked the plagiarism. No matter how many times I proved the plagiarism, it continued unabated. McCain makes $185,000+ per year at Concordia Publishing House, and his boss makes even more, but his boss took no responsibility for this ethical breech, all the more loathsome for someone who calls himself a pastor and publisher and editor. Suddenly the blog was erased. The linked farewell above is a testimony to McCain's self-effacing personality. Leave them laughing, Paul.

Ventosus Veritas.The sainted Tim Niedfelt wrote a blog where he first took issue with those he called Confessional Crusaders, then realized he was one. Tim died tragically almost one year ago, a fact that makes all of us very sad. He had a great sense of humor and a willingness to discuss issues. His blog is still active and shows his movement from cheering on popcorn and cola services to critiquing the Time of Grace, Mark Jeske, mentality.

LutherRocks came from Joe Krohn, who gradually woke up to the crafts and assaults of Church and Change, UOJ, and entertainment evangelism. He tried to defend rock and roll church music. The blog appeared, disappeared, and appeared again before sinking into cyberspace with watery groan, unknelled, uncoffined, and unknown. Joe was friendly and decent during his anti-UOJ phase, but the forces of evil drew him back in.

The Fake Ichabod Blog was started to trick people into reading the rants of Fox Valley WELS. I traced the comments to Fox Valley and even to the operating system used. Joel Lillo cheered them on, but it was clearly a Tim Glende and Ski effort, probably with Tim trying to write about "Inuit Fidei" (sic), which I assumed was the dogma of the Eskimeaux. Since I called Tim "Anonymouse" on my blog, he also started an Anonymouse blog, which appeared and disappeared. I could not figure out why they personally attacked members of WELS and revealed their scatological interests. The blogs erased, reminding all of us of Jack Kilcrease, so famous for erasing his comments that kilcreasing became a new verb in the English language.

Issues in WELS. One group, called the Grove City bunch, started Issues in WELS. SP Gurgle showed up for one conference, glaring at everyone. The frightened rabbits stayed home for that one and the group dissolved when former DP Free died. The blog was erased but I copied the worthwhile articles into mine.

Bailing Water has had three editors that I know about. WELS leaders are like Ringwraiths, out there snooping and prowling, finding out who has leaked information, no matter how mild the issue is. The blog is still posted and I have linked it on mine.

Ecclesia Augustana is published (but not active, apparently) by several young WELS laymen.

Extra Nos comes from Dr. Lito Cruz, a PhD mathmatics professor. He lives and works in Australia.

Intrepid Lutherans was so hated by WELS that they forced people end their association with the blog. Nevertheless, several laymen still publish articles from time to time.

WELS Documented is active in posting information about WELS worship and other matters. I do not know the authors and do not know their names.

Each Justification by Faith blog below has its link embedded, for your convenience.

Dr. Lito Cruz - Extra Nos

Pastor Nathan Bickel - The Christian Message 

Pastor Paul Rydecki - Faith Alone Justifies - and sometimes - Intrepid Lutherans

Dan Baker, Christian Schulz, Bryan Lidtke, David Porth (banned by WELS!) - Ecclesia Augustana

Pastor Gregory L. Jackson - Ichabod