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Friday, January 9, 2015

Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Martin Stephan, CFW Walther, and the Founding of the Missouri Synod. The Scandals Continue Unabated.
Boycott the Emmaus Conference

Jeffrey Epstein kept a group of teenaged girls for himself,
not unlike the founder of the Missouri Synod, Martin Stephan STD.

Prince Andrew, age 40 at the time,  has his arm around a 17 year old girl, Virginia Roberts,
who was compensated for sex with influential men.
She is writing a book. The nearby woman was an Epstein enabler.

The dentist kept me waiting in the chair, so I began reading Zion on the Mississippi, by Forster. Someone has to read it! The dentist is studious, so he began questioning me about the book when he came back to examine me.

After close questioning, I responded. "The founder of this group, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, kept a group of young girls around him. He took them and some clergy from Germany to America and founded this large Lutheran group. He was a lot like Jeffrey Epstein, in the news for his teenage girl groupies and the men he influenced with them - Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz."

The dentist said, "They always get away it. Hundreds of people follow them. He must have been a charismatic figure."

Lutherans seem incapable of embarrassment these days. Martin Stephan and his clergy enablers were the lowest of the low, virtually chased out of Europe, joyously kidnapping minor children (not just the niece and nephew of Walther) because they were the One True Church. That spirit of triumphalism prevails today as they constantly tell the Walther myth with eyes as glazed as any Mormon missionary talking about Joseph Smith and Bring-em Young (41 wives, many in their teens).

Why did Martin Stephan insist on buying Mormon land in the area now known as Perryville? The St. Louis neighbors were getting mighty suspicious of all the women and girls hanging around the Stephan abode. They could have bought choice land in St. Louis, but headed out to the boonies instead. The clergy all knew about Stephan's promiscuous sex with young women. The lawyers who came along were defending Stephan (under house arrest) when they all left for America.

Walther did not organize the riot against the Bishop for his adultery, but because the syphilis outbreak gave them an excuse to be outraged, a story they could tell, and a reason to steal the Bishop's land, gold, books, and personal possessions. 

Now adept at kidnapping, they threatened Stephan's life, shipped him across the Mississippi at gunpoint (another felony), and dumped him in Illinois to die. The cult was suddenly in the black again, with the bishop's loot. Stephan's main mistress came to live with him in Illinois.

The story is X-rated, but the LCMS, WELS, and the ELS have turned it into a fairy tale to bedazzle converts and keep members in stoned submission to their pastors and synod officials.

Martin Stephan never finished college,
but he picked up an STD along the way,
sharing his syphilis with his young, single groupies, his wife, and his children.