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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Subtle Synodical Worship Displaces Christ with Rationalism, Idolatry, and Greed.
Boycott the Emmaus Conference

Destruction of evidence in sex crimes, defrauding widows and orphans,
working with ELCA, promoting pan-sexuality, and false doctrine, 

The rationalism of Saxony, the birthplace of the Stephanista Sex Cult, has been duplicated in the synodical sex cults of today. When they are not assaulting the young and the married, they are cross-dressing and bragging about it.

Their need to excuse themselves finds a home in Universal Objective Justification. Everyone is already forgiven and saved, according to Jay Webber's catechumen, Jon Buchholz.

Buchholz worked with Jeske's Church and Change business
to spend a fortune remodeling a smaller congregation,
leaving them hopelessly in debt when he took off for a plum call in Tempe, Arizona.
Was he inspired by Tim Glende in Savoy, Illinois?

By the way - I figure Buchholz is bucking for a professorship at the Sausage Factory. He has lived off world missions already, so he might as well teach it.

That leaves an opening for DP, which Steve Spencer would be glad to fill. His loyalty to Mark Schroeder--whose loyalty to Mark Jeske touches the hardest heart--qualifies him for the role.

------------------------  C A L L S   D E C L I N E D  -----------------------

  Bivens, Rev David F        WLS - Mequon WI                      12/29/2014
         World Mission Seminary Professor

But what to do with Jay Webber? Like his pal, Paul McCain, he has no qualifications for imposing his wobbly false doctrine on anyone, but that has never stopped him. He has no paper trail for opposing the Fad of the Ages - Church Growth - good career move. He has planted his UOJ flag, and that is the only dogma that matters to the synods today, whether ELCA or CLC (sic). Doctrine divides, but apostasy unites.

John Shep says Jay makes fun of the ELS leadership until he is within 100 miles of Mankato, so putting Jay in Mankato could leave him permanently on the positive side of Smeagol. After all, he was offended that I had the Forbes article published in Christian News about Marvin Schwan. He was not offended by his superiors sucking up to the womanizer. Nor did he mind his European vacations on St. Marvin's dough. But was anyone offended for the sake of the first Mrs. Schwan, who ended her life in despair, or the second Mrs. Schwan, who returned to Catholicism 15 minutes after Marvin died?

Some may accuse me of hyperbole, but I know these rascals too well. Listen to their conversation and read their odious papers. They do not teach Christ and the Means of Grace - they teach The Synod. Winking at each other, they pretend they belong to the only worthwhile sect, but they know better.

They listen carefully for signs that someone doubts the magisterial force of this or that author. Alarms go off, because The Synod is the ruling norm. Any twist of language or logic can be used to return to that sacred resting place for the intellectually lazy unbelievers.

One reader commented that the Stephanite movement,
which lodged in St. Louis and Perryville,
was a cancer transplant.