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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Synodicals Treat People Like Dirt and Tell Them -
"It Is Your Fault We Are Not Growing!"

I have plenty of contacts from all three divisions of the Stephan-Walther sect, the Saxon sex cult that followed their syphilitic bishop to Perryville, Missouri, joined the Loehe group, and excommunicated Loehe - as their show of gratitude. They stole their bishop's land, books, gold, and jeweled chalice - after overlooking his serial adultery for years.

The common thread is this - Missouri leaders, ELS leaders, and WELS leaders treat people like Dreck. That is the ultimate test:

  • How do they deal with the victims of clergy sex abuse?
  • What do they do about clergy who abuse their own children?
  • If a DP is a drunk or child molester, what do they do?
  • How do they respond to laity who beg them to grow a Lutheran spine?
  • Where is the money? as people still wonder about Stephan and Walther.
  • Are they honest about the crimes committed around them?
  • Do they have a child-like faith or an MBA in controlling people?
  • How often do they destroy evidence of a serious crime?
  • Did they feel any compassion for the first Mrs. Schwan? Or did a billion dollars erase their guilt and his?
I know a lot of the victims. They have contacted me, sent me various kinds of evidence, and told me about how the Lutheran church leaders have stymied, blamed, and crushed them.

Clergy have described their treatment for being faithful in their calling. Almost all of them ask that I not even hint about significant details. They have already had several rounds of vindictive treatment. The final round includes having all family friends and relatives turn against them for "hurting the synod" and "getting people upset." Since each group has a cult-like closeness, that is too much to bear. 

The apostate clergy lead their pals in getting even with the children and spouse of those who disturb their service to their Father Below. Nothing is too low. No slander is too vile for them. They re-injure the wounded and blame their victims for hurting. Their only area of evangelism is increasing the tribe of Pharisees. They love, love, love their fellow Pharisees.