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Friday, January 9, 2015

Using Ichabod for Research - Some Pointers

The weeds are already covering the door of your synod,
but you do not see them yet.

I have 12,500+ posts on Ichabod now, so finding my own material on the blog has become increasingly difficult.

Here are some ways to do research with Ichabod and Google:

  • Do NOT use the little window at the top to search. That is inadequate.
  • Find a label on the left and click that.topic. That will often dredge up about 10 or 30 articles, Keep going when you see "more" or "older" at the bottom. 
  • Use Google and put your topic in, then add Ichabod the Glory. That will yield one or more articles from this blog that will help.
  • Likewise, use Google Images the same way, because the image may take you to the post you want. Sometimes we remember the picture better than the name of the post.
  • Check the blog links I keep updated (via software). They have a lot of material to use.
True, I own most Lutheran topics and most Lutheran graphics. That is because persistence can easily overcome the synodical urge to silence and shun me. But I do not care about whether you actually agree with my opinions. I want people to do their own research and study. The best lessons are not taught but learned.

Additional research for the studious and faithful:
  1. Pick a name or two names and Google them. I did that once with WELS and Leonard Sweet. The results were revelatory. To this day WELS still gushes money for Leonard Sweet-hearts like Rick Johnson, who once chapped the hide of Jon-Boy Buchholz.
  2. Put a familiar phrase from WELS or Missouri and Google that. The same phrase will show up in surprising places.
  3. Google a school and a synod name - interesting!
  4. Join Guidestar and see how the money is spent. Thrivent funds Planned Parenthood? Who knew? Ichabod readers knew years ago.
  5. Find some old synodical books, like Zion on the Mississippi, and read sections with great care. Read parallel accounts and compare - such as Walther, Servant of the Word.
  6. Order used books from Amazon, Alibris, or other sources. Many classes like Zion are almost free. Consider the classics of the Muhlenberg tradition (ULCA). Henry E. Jacobs, Schmauk, and Krauth have some excellent books that cost very little. I found one classic book owned by a famous seminary professor and gave it to a friend.
  7. Swap books with others.
  8. Use Kindle on the computer when possible. The quotations and citations are faster and easier.
  9. Store images. Some are hard to find and easy to lose. It took me a long time to get Roland Bainton photos because, alas, professors are soon forgotten.