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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Where To Buy Bare Root Roses

Chicago Peace

Bare root roses are the ones planted by rose fanciers. Nurseries pot them because the customers buy the blooms rather than the plants. I love to get potted roses on sale at the end of the buying season. Otherwise, I buy bare root roses from the Net.

California Dreaming is relatively new.

First Stop - Edmunds Roses (but check the eye candy in Jackson and Perkins catalog)

Edmunds used to have hilarious catalogs, but a corporation took over and they are more serious now. Edmunds does not charge shipping (for larger orders - at the moment) and their prices for the same roses are lower than Jackson and Perkins. If you see something irresistible at J and P, see if you can get it from Edmunds. It may arrive with a J and P tag on it.

Edmunds seems to have more variety, more of those older favorites. Edmunds is  quite dependable.

Double Delight is popular for color and fragrance.

Jackson and Perkins Roses -
They win the most glamorous catalog contest. Look at your favorite blooms from three inches away.
One reason to buy from them is their leftover stock at the end of the buying season. I always order from them first, in case I can get bargains later.

The latest and best are always listed at J and P. They also promote early orders before real buying starts in January.

Regan Nurseries.
They have the greatest variety, organized by name. One can also browse by category, such as aromatic. The fragrant roses were hard to find 30 years ago. Now the new ones tend to be fragrant and there are many to choose from.

I used this one for some desirable but hard to find roses. I wanted Peace, Pink Peace, and Chicago Peace growing together, so I bought all three from Regan.

Discount Roses - Not the Best Reputation - Direct Gardening
I have not ordered from this site. Others have gotten some real bargains but also problems with the plants. They supposedly make good on problems - all gardening sites do. The question is whether the discounts are worth the wait in re-ordering. Mrs. I had a big "NO!" on this one.

I feel obliged to list them.

Mrs. I voted yes for Pink Peace.

There are many interesting flowers, but when I price them, I count the cost in roses. How many roses could I buy with that amount of money?

Secondly, which one would you offer to another?

  • A dozen dandelions?
  • A dozen daisies?
  • A dozen tulips?
  • A dozen crocus?
  • A dozen glads?
  • A dozen roses?

That is settled. The best investment in flowers will always be roses.

Joplin tornado damage and roses.