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Friday, February 13, 2015

Amber-Sam Is Getting Touchy on the WELS Discussions FB Page

Sam Birner was a Martin Luther College WELS graduate, December, 2014.

Now Sam is Amber Noel Birner. (trans-Jennered).
Martin Luther College - "We didn't know!"

  • Amber Noel Birner " the transgender agenda "

    I don't understand this terminology. Why is it an agenda? What agenda?
    ...See More
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  • Joe Jewell Your next post needs to address Daniel Baker's lengthy, well-thought-out piece, and should be made on that thread.
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  • Amber Noel Birner A long response warrants a long response. I'm working on a response over time as I am taking time to think on certain aspects and how to respond.

    I would appreciate it if I could comment on other things in the group and contribute without being berated each time about a different thread.
  • Joe Jewell Look, I will be quite frank: your views on most of the issues you've chosen to comment on are either quite outside anything resembling Confessional Lutheran orthodoxy or passive-aggressively in support of the same. I don't begrudge you your views, to be clear, but this is not the group for those discussions. This is in particular a group for the discussion of Confessional Lutheran theology and practice, particularly as it pertains to the Wisconsin Synod and other similar church bodies. That is not to say that nothing controversial is allowed--far from it. But it's not as if you're arguing for (say) the ELS position on students administering sacraments in non-emergency situations vs. the WELS position. 

    When you requested membership in this group, you specifically said that you "merely ask to clear up something from a recent post", which was the topic of that thread that you made, and also to "be open to discussion and being talked to" and to keep "anti-WELS sentiment or etc. out of the group". Admirable statements, but we're going to hold you to them. You've had over a week to gather your thoughts to respond to Daniel Baker and the moderators of this group are united in asking that your next post made in this group do that.
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  • Jeffery Clark I agree with Joe, Sam. Use that MLC degree of yours and compose a response, it doesn't take days to write up a little Facebook response.
  • Amber Noel Birner I am however providing another view on topics, and for instance all of the things I stated in my comment here are not specifically WELS or anti-WELS but they are still pertinent to the topic at hand.

    If I seem passive aggressive I apologize, but other
     things may catch my eye that I can conjure up a quick response to, especially a topic like this where knowledge of the issue is key, whether or not the person with that knowledge agrees with the position, because without knowledge it makes one side seem far more foolish than they are.

    You are right, I have had time, in terms of time between then and now. However, I do have many other things going that have been taking up my time and leading to either lack of time at some points, and disinterest at others. 

    I would rather take my time with a response than rush anything because of impatience.

    And Jeff, that's simply a rude and uncalled for comment. I'm trying to write out a well thought-out response, and the comment of "using my MLC degree" is certainly not in the right heart.

    I will write the response in my time with my schedule and prioritizing my life.
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