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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anonymous Snark to Rick Techlin

Anonymous makes a snarky offer.

Rick, so you mean to tell me that you were not publicly making your views known but somehow the internet found out about your 29 page letter? You are right, it isn't like you shouted over people at meetings but you did make your views known at every opportunity.

So tell me this: How did your private views end up on the internet? Do you just have the worst friends ever? Do you believe this plot runs so thick that the council at St. Peter planted some kind of a false flag? Or were you not nearly as quiet as you think you are?

I hope you don't take this as snarky. I really do want to know and I think it will clear things up for people following along. If you really were intending this to be a simple theological question between the called leaders of St. Peters and yourself, how did it end up so public?

I will tell you what, I will divulge who I am if you divulge how something you meant as private ended up on the internet and then as public as it did. To me, either you didn't keep it as private as you claim or we are talking a big time conspiracy.

Also, Pastor Lidtke stated that you stood up "many times at public meetings" of St. Peter to ask if the confessions could be emphasized. Would you also say that this is accurate? Would you say that your comments were simply encouragements and you never accused your pastor or leadership or congregation of false teaching? You would agree, as Pastor Lidtke stated, that you often stood up I assume?


GJ - Here we see the genius of WELS at work, and I do mean genius in a positive sense. As the Latin Professor observed, WELS is only good at one thing - controlling people.

This is their style - "I will tell you who I am after - only after - you confess exactly how your letter got published on Ichabod [name it not!]."

Rick made a big mistake in being defensive and joining them in making me the villain. But that only makes him guilty by association, even though he had nothing to do with me getting the letter and publishing it.

This crabbing at me helps convict Rick of the crime of criticizing Holy Mother WELS, and that is a crime according to WELS Canon Law. This crime is so heinous that it completely overwhelms murder, adultery, child molestation, homosexuality, and cheering for the Chicago Bears.

That gave Mr. Anonymous room to accuse Rick of accusing a conspiracy. Not exactly subtle, but a true WELS member will fall for it until he is entirely boxed in by the accusations. Guilty as charged.

Many people twist themselves up in making sure they cannot be accused of leaking to me. That also serves the purpose of the abusive cult.

This is what Rick should have done - very simply - publish the letter on his blog (which he did later, if I remember correctly) and let everything hit the fan, as it did anyway.

Then, when they complained about the letter being on Ichabod, which is read all over the world, Rick could have said, "So what? The truth hurts, and it is public anyway. You would not follow the Scriptures, so I followed what Luther wrote in the Large Catechism, about the Eighth Commandment and Matthew 18."

So on WELS Documented, Rick is busy denouncing me for sharing his truth instead of denouncing the criminals - and they are criminals. Glende, Ski, Engelbrecht, Zank, and Mark Schroeder should be removed from the ministry and serve time. But they will not.

The next outcry will be, "Look at what he wrote about our beloved leaders, and he is NOT EVEN WELS!" Note the rubrics - that is the second greatest crime, after confessing Holy Mother WELS is less than perfect. Rick led the way on that one, introducing irrelevant trivia. How does that influence the facts you supplied, oh thou great attorney? Your letter appeared on my blog because stuff gets around, and I do not even know where that copy came from, except you wrote it, just as Corky wrote his "secret" essay on what was wrong with WELS.

The Shrinkers who accuse you now, Rick, are the ones who accused Corky of being "brain damaged" for telling the truth about WELS apostasy. They accused a dead man, who could not answer the charges. And those are the same ones you try to appease by saying "without my permission blah blah blah."