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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Because the Drunks Run WELS - That Is Why.
WELS Documented Blog

What kind of future teachers and ministers create girly girly songs
and upload them to YouTube?

Answer - the same kind that demand the freshmen boys
simulate anal sex with this statue.
Perverted? Sadistic? Infantile?
Your future leaders, WELS.

Why wouldn't the administration be called to account for allowing this to continue? These are the questions that should be asked and discussed in blogs like this.

(GJ - People who make anonymous accusations need to have their URLs out in the open, so they can find the thread. I am not kidding.)

  1. Since some anonymous "brother" brought my name up at 10:39 AM, apparently in an attempt to dismiss some points I was making by calling me "bitter", I thought I'd indulge the absolute futility in replying. First off, I didn't even say anything on this blog, so I don't know why you're dragging me into this. Sure, I made a comment with several points over on Ichabod. But as no one reads Ichabod, surely my comment would not be passed over by anyone's eyes, right?

    I don't know where you gleaned bitterness from anything I wrote in that comment. I think you could probably catch some pity, some sadness, some regret over the failure of campus leadership, but those surely aren't reactions akin to bitterness. Just a viewpoint that should be as valid as yours. I suppose it is easier to place someone under a label in order to dismiss them than it is to actually listen to what they say. I actually agree with most of the points you made in your post, which I guess means you're bitter to a certain extent too?

    The drinking soirees that happen off the MLC campus such as pig roast or whatever COS came up with were a problem when I was there. If they have continued, they are still a problem. There is no defense for their existing in the first place other than tradition. While I was a student there, a protest of sorts did happen. And the administration's solution was...that the COS organizers couldn't put posters up for the COS events in the dorms. That's it. No outright ban or condemnation or dismissal of those sin encouraging events. And even then the posters were snuck into the inside doors of the toilet stalls so one couldn't even go to the bathroom in peace without being inundated with colorful drawings involving some badly arranged words that were puns on COS or SPAM or FRAT that I'm sure someone thought was clever but as they probably drank a lot, the humor discernment level was low.

    The faculty could have killed it but they didn't. The VP could have destroyed it but it didn't happen. Why?

    This isn't sensationalism, this is sad fact. During my 5 years on that campus, there were 5 years of COS parties and pig roasts. I'm sure that in the intervening almost 20 years, they have continued to exist in some form or other. Now, did every single student go to these events, become absolutely plastered, and have many evenings of sin-filled regrets? No, of course not. There are many fine called workers who were in my class. Many fine teachers and pastors emerged. Truly the Lord's kingdom has been enhanced by these souls behind the pulpit and in front of the classroom. After all, they attended that school for the right reasons: learn the languages, learn how to manage a classroom, learn how to teach a child how to read, stay focused on Christ and His Word. As I'll paraphrase from my other comment: you're not there to sow wild oats and develop cirrhosis, you're there to get a Christian ministerial education.

    However, why would a Christian ministerial college not eliminate something like COS? Something that has traditions based upon drunkenness and assorted sins that follow along with it? Why wouldn't the administration be called to account for allowing this to continue? These are the questions that should be asked and discussed in blogs like this.

    1. ***
    2. The sodomite rituals at Martin Luther College, WELS,
      and Wisconsin Luther College
      have no effect on its graduates.

      Church and Change does not exist in WELS
      and Mark Jeske is not in charge of it.
      To suggest otherwise is a slap in the face of Holy Mother WELS.

    3. GJ - I do not write for WELS Documented or comment there. I do not write for the WELS Discussions on Facebook, but look at those who do! Some are blatant false teachers, ignorant louts, and others in need of counseling.
    Everyone who disagrees with the errors of the Synodical Conference is bitter, jealous, mean-spirited, lazy, crazy, unloving, and in violation of the Eighth Commandment and Matthew 18.
  2. But don't you wonder about a seminary where prospective students are groped by the seminarians? where this groping is a tradition in the seminary choir? where they have a tradition of nude pile-ons? where two men meet in the mattress room, get caught, but are ordained and married anyway?