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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Better Than C. S. Lewis - Secret Plans for the Jackson EZ Bird Swing Released to the Public

When dawn, the rosy-fingered child of Morn appeared, Sassy Sue was inkling her need for food. She acted as if she wanted to go out in the dark, but stopped at the watering jug, which is also next to food barrel.

Do you want to go out?

No motion.

Do you want some water? Have some.

No motion.

Are you hungry?

Sassy smiled that I figured her out so fast - for a human.

I got Sassy some breakfast and blogged. The thaw began in earnest, so I decided to pick up some meds and stop at Lowe's, to repeat the glorious experience of the Jackson EZ Bird Swing. I am not sure if I copied the idea or figured it out.

This Jackson EZ Bird Swing parts are simple to buy, inexpensive, and simple to install, assuming a wooden overhang.

1. Measure from the eaves or wooden structure to the mid-point of the window from inside. A good place to observe the birds is halfway down the window and a little distance from the feeder.
2. You will need two chains cut to the length measured above. The exact length is not crucial because...
3. A metal pole with screw threads hangs from the two chains. Extra length of the pole is good for stability in hanging. The diameter has to fit through the links.
4. Two screw hooks are needed to hang the chains down from the wood. They will not bear much weight. so I get large, thin ones. The hooks are secured  to allow the pole to reach through the chains with several inches at least on each end.
5. I secured the pole to the chain on each end with electric tape, to keep the pole from coming out, but that is unlikely with the threading and the gentle action of the swing.

Why does this work so well?

Birds do not stay on a feeder too long. They like to fly from a perch to the feeder and then to their perch again. The small ones feel safer taking a sunflower seed away and opening it up. Chickadees pound it open with their beaks, holding the seed in their feet. If the little ones open the seed on the swing, that is the best show in town.

A cardinal will sit at the feeder and do the work with their beaks alone. They seem to be grinning as they man-handle the seed.

The swing is an ideal resting place. The birds can observe everything around them, and they are away from obvious danger, such as a bush hiding a cat. They may eat or preen or relax on the swing.

Once they are used to humans nearby, they become oblivious to being watched. The bird-watcher can be inches away.

Some enhancements.

  • Drape lint and twine around suet baskets hanging from the feeder. Birds will come to it for nest material. Dryer lint can also be  packed into empty suet baskets.
  • Place seed on the window sill. Often baby squirrels will sit there and eat, and so will smaller birds. My ledge is narrow, so that excludes larger animals.
  • Throw bonus amounts of food around the base of the feeder. Extra activity draws more birds, and more will land on the sill and the bird swing.

The squirrels have left empty corn cobs below the two feeders they use - a message?