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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brilliant Ways to Waste Your Gardening Money

"You will spend $200 to wreck the soil but not $10 to buy my eggs?
Are you a gubmint economist?"

  • Buy tiny packets of seed at the hardware store or similar emporiums where the vendor places all the product. Gold is cheaper. Instead, take advantage of Internet sales at one vendor like Burpee. Buy large amounts for fun and sharing.
  • Invest in mechanical devices that dig, osterize, chop, and whip. Soil is an ocean of life where all the creatures live in harmony. Feed them from the top and they will thrive. Swirl them around and the creatures will try to repair the damage caused by your expensive machines.
  • Purchase those mysterious, small packets of "organic soil amendments" sold on the Net, through the mail, and in hardware stores. Instead, horde organic material--including newsprint--and mulch or compost it. Some free additions from the home are coffee grounds, tea bags, and banana peels.