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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Correction - There Is No Problem with Drunken WELS Students and Pastors -
No DP Had a DUI.
No Mequon Professor Had a DUI.
Studying Under the Influence - All Ichabod's Fault

Joel Lillo commented on Is Alcohol Becoming More Of Issue At“Of course Herr Ichabod picked up on this. I really think that this could have been best unreported…”
Anonymous commented on Is Alcohol Becoming More Of Issue At“It's a sensational blog title. Those who have a preconceived bias will lap this stuff up. The…”
Anonymous commented on Is Alcohol Becoming More Of Issue At“The statistics say "Drinking Violations." It is a violation to have alcohol on the MLC…”
Anonymous commented on Is Alcohol Becoming More Of Issue At“Those numbers are pretty impressive. MLC had absolutely no reportable offenses except for…”


GJ - I reproduced the article on alcohol violations here. Good thing. Maybe I should get auto-plagiarism software so I can preserve WELS blogs before they are erased with their comments. The comments were still hanging in midair the WELS Documented Blog when I clicked on the article again to check out all of them.

Joel Lillo never had a problem with Ski's drinking habits. In fact, he wrote back that he knew nothing, even after the letter was sent around the Anything Goes District, to every pastor. That letter included accounts of Ski having 100 ounces of beer for lunch, drinking on the job, etc.

WELS pastors know they have a problem with alcoholism. The eruption of stories from time to time should remind people that one known violation suggests many more problems. Not every incident of drunk driving ends with a ticket or a crash.

I knew I was talking to a WELS alcoholic when he told me that drinking plus Valium potentiates the alcohol and its effect. Many problems followed that helpful bit of advice, but no one did anything, even when I contacted a supervisor and asked him to get involved.

To summarize the erased comments:
1. The problem is the sensational title of the article, not the alcoholism of WELS students while they are already in school. However, the official magazine of WELS published an article about excessive drinking at Northwestern College and sent someone around to talk about it at clergy meetings. I read the article and heard the speaker.
2. Another problem is one blog copying another one - that is evil. Being drunk on the job is no problem. Mowing down people with a car is no problem - just reporting the problem that caused their murder by a drunk.

Thomas Palermo was killed by Bishop Heather Cook's drinking, texting, and driving.
His wife is a widow, and his children are fatherless.

The bishop who knew about the alcoholism has pronounced himself innocent.