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Monday, February 2, 2015

More Icha-flogging on a Blog Where I Do Not Post Articles or Comments.
WELS Documented

WELS Documented

  1. "Our first run-in"? Way to go, Rev. Father Spencer. The ink is hardly dry on the obituary and you are already speaking ill of the dead. Shame on you.
  2. Those who knew Pastor Soukup knew him as a man who loved the message of the gospel so much that he wished everyone knew it and who did everything in his power to get people to hear that message. That, I'm pretty sure, was the driving motivation behind what he said in his "run-in" with "Father" Spencer. As usual, we see "Father" Spencer putting the worst construction on something that someone said.

    1. "This is the ultimate in cowardliness, to make accusations about someone publicly after they have died." --anonymous

      Nice job.
  1. Some of us don't want to get our reputations assassinated in your old buddy's blog, Joe, over on Ichabod.
  2. I can't help but get a mental picture when I hear "Ichabod" come up.

    It's like a western movie (High Plains Drifter comes to mind). The town is gathered to discuss how to get rid of the gunslinger who has them all scared. Then you hear the jingle of spurs coming down the boardwalk and someone whispers with eyes wide - "Ichabod" as they all turn towards the door, lips a quiver, wiping sweat from their brow (sic).

    It makes a funny mental picture wouldn't you agree? Rhetorical question so no need to answer. Of course I am in the crowd, though for vanities (sic) sake I like to think I am whispering "Search Engines" as a general pejorative rather than just singling out "Ichabod".

    Eine arme Schaf


GJ - What started this tirade was Pastor Steve Spencer's comment that he and the late Pastor Paul Soukup had a different opinion about the effects of teaching the truth. That became a chance for the junkyard dogs - anonymously - to start biting and devouring.

I was not even on the page and--snap, bite, drool, snarl--they started on me. Watch them whine about being quoted, as if reading and quoting a blog is opening someone's mail.

"You're not too happy with Ichabod, Anonymous.
Maybe you should saddle up, sit down with him,
and tell him your sins.
I mean - his sins."