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Friday, February 6, 2015

Synodical Discipline Never Stops - But What Is the Target?

The LCMS treated Herman Sasse like dirt more than 50 years ago.
Missouri was busy courting the future ELCA leaders.
WELS was training future Seminex leaders, like Richard Jungkuntz.

Graphic by Zach Engelman.
Sasse's quotation still describes the failure of ELCA, WELS, Missouri, the Little Sect on the Prairie, and the odious CLC (sic).  Since I did not write this, the people who whine so often should consider the wisdom of the quotation.

The naive think there is no discipline in those sects, but discipline is handed out 24/7. The sect leaders punish, rebuke, silence, and excommunicate those who lean toward the Confessions and Scriptures, but they reward, promote, protect, and praise their fellow-apostates.

  • Item - count how many WELS blogs have shut down in the last few years, all the silencing the work of Mark Schroeder and his Church and Changer buddies.
  • Item - figure out who was silenced and who was rewarded in the Darwin Schauer sex crime scandal, where I have 22 posts. The pastor who came from that parish was willing to abandon the victim to please and satisfy his boss, Synod President Matt Harrison.  So did the putative Steadfast editor Tim Rossow.
  • Item - count all the efforts of WELS, Missouri, and the ELS to withdraw from joint activities with ELCA. Answer - none.
  • Item - why are the so-called confessional blogs afraid to link this one, while the ones on other continents (and in even other denominations) are not afraid?
  • Item - how is the big, splashy money spent? On a bar ministry? On emergent, anti-Lutheran congregations? Yes - the others can starve.
  • Item - what pan-synod organizations are allowed to do anything they want, protect all  their clergy pals from discipline, and organize pan-synodical events? Answer - 1. Thrivent. 2. The Mark Jeske Mob.

Tis funny how this urban minister
must live in luxury, while sponging off
Thrivent, the LCMS, WELS, and the ELS.