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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anonymous Anonymously Doubts Editor Is a Pastor - But Who Is Anonymous?


One of the hosts of WELS Documented claims to be a WELS pastor. I would ask him, "How would you feel if one of your members decided to begin a blog questioning every pastoral decision you made, opening that question up to half-truth accusations and opinions of those who haven't always agreed with you? And how would you feel if even one of your members read this blog and had doubts raised in his/her mind about your integrity, your faithfulness, your honesty? And how would you react if that person was so disturbed in his faith that he/she decided to leave your congregation because of all of your faults as a pastor?"

His Drive-by DMin from Gordon-Conwell took six years?
Just the man for the Asian mini-seminary.

Isn't that exactly what this blog is doing to the synod? Few if any of your topics can really address situations in an honest way, because opinions are spouted as if they are fact, former WELS members chime in with their fault-finding, and situations are discussed when none of those discussing them can possibly know the whole story.

I am not a "synod can do no wrong person." I am someone who sees the damage that can be done in a forum like this. Rather than solving problems, you create them--sometimes when they don't exist.

If faith is damaged or destroyed by this effort, WD1 and WD2, it will be on your conscience. And, I ask, please document one positive thing that your blog has accomplished.

Sad and frustrated

 Matt Doebler -
Drive-by DMin, 2011-2013 - Gordon Conwell Seminary.
Topic - Church Planting and Multiplication


GJ - This tirade is pluperfect WELS. Snide accusations abound, very brave for someone who has no name. How do we know that he is a pastor and has all those previous synodical kudos? No proof - just claims. He could be from anywhere, too. Sure, his bad spelling and bombastic sanctimony give him away - but that is circumstantial evidence.
The FBI raided WELS headquarters and found
the child porn files (boys) belonging to Joel Hochmuth.
SP Mark Schroeder absolved Hochmuth immediately.

I love his sandbagging of Rick Techlin (not named). We learned on Ichabod, using software that Fox Valley always lit up when I dealt with their little cesspool. And the hometown of Don Patterson lit up when another person was raging - really very nasty and future DPish.

So I am pegging this Anonymous as a Fox Valley pastor with very tender toes about how badly Glende, Ski, Engelbrecht, and Mark Schroeder treated the attorney. This post above is quite slanderous - certainly in harmony with the Fox Valley scorched earth policy. They do not even pretend to have manners, morals, or ethics.

To wit, Techlin's blog was not devoted to Glende and Ski, certainly not to criticism. I read it early on. Techlin participated in some manner in starting The CORE (even service at St. Peter, a pretend new mission). He was rather positive about it. He posted once about early costs being $250,000 - truly a wowser right there, but not much more than that.

Most of the blog has been devoted to photography, and Techlin has many splendid ones posted there. Tis funny about WELS - they have nothing good to say about anyone while falsely claiming that someone has dared to devote his life to criticizing them.

Did Techlin criticize every decision Glende ever made? I must have missed that, because I often looked for inside information on that blog. Glende's lying newsleters and bulletins were better sources about Tim's shameless money-grubbing. Tim and Ski shut down or changed their Twitters when I copied and pasted their self-disclosures. Yes, I copied Ski's blog where he bragged about worshiping (his term) with Andy Stanley, the gay Babtist activist.

Cross-dressing is an annual tradition at WELS'
Michigan Lutheran Seminary.

Techlin carefully documented how he was treated when he correctly identified the sermons from Glende and Ski as plagiarized from Craig Groeschel. Tim and Ski were so far up Groeschel's narthex that they could see Kelm in the distance.

An earlier post anonymously claimed that Techlin leaked his 29 page account to me. In fact, his only contact with me has been a couple of frosty emails about not copying his blog. 

The most serious charge WELS can make is "You told the truth about us." Of course, they do not phrase it that way. They talk this way -
Where it all starts - Michigan Lutheran Seminary -
Glende, Ski, and groupies.

If faith is damaged or destroyed by this effort, WD1 and WD2, it will be on your conscience. And, I ask, please document one positive thing that your blog has accomplished.

Two founders of Church and Change just happened
to land at the Asian mini-seminary.
John Lawrenz earned a PhD at Brandeis U.
Steve Witte struggled to finish his Drive-by DMin at Gordon Conwell.

Pastor Adam Mueller and his church council
wore their best for the church picnic.