j03138821The frequency of Holy Communion in Protestant churches has increased in the last quarter of the 20th century.
Many Protestants have deplored the sparsely scheduled Holy Communion service, which, until recently, had been monthly or perhaps twice-monthly.

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Lutheran Pietists were never keen on the Means of Grace. They considered their precious cell groups the Real Church and their Instruments of Grace. That attitude continues to this day. When I mentioned this to a Missouri lady, the facts angered her - against me. Later, when she brought up the Sacrament of Holy Baptism to her group, which was nominally Lutheran, the leader bristled and wanted none of it. The same lady came back to me and said, "You were right."
The Swedish Augustana Synod was a fusion of Pietism and Orthodoxy, but Pietism and rationalism won out in the end (ELCA). One old Augustana member described his shock at First Lutheran in Moline having monthly communion. "Three times a year is enough!"
Oddly enough, many of the weekly communion advocates are also UOJ fanatics, so they combine the outward expression with a rejection of Biblical doctrine. Nothing is quite so emphatic as a visible expression of justification by faith than Holy Communion - the visible Word, efficacious in the forgiveness of sin and preparing us for eternal life. Soul food.
We provide Holy Communion for our members each week and on most festivals  so they can take advantage of this Means of Grace without worrying about which Sunday in the month it is.
This is the design for our chapel, but we are short on the funds,
and we do not even have WELS staffers involved.
They made the MLC chapel fund disappear.