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Monday, March 9, 2015

Plan for the Creation Gardening Book

Several readers have asked me to write a new gardening book, and I am going to do that.

My immediate deadline is for a justification book for Emmaus Conference in April.

I am working on the apologetics novel and revising Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant. The justification book is going to be finished first, to combat UOJ. I will be working on the rough draft of the gardening book this summer and collecting photographs from our gardens to use in the book.

Plan for Creation Gardening : Non-Toxic, Easy, Low-Cost, Productive Flowers and Food

There are four main themes -

  1. Creation - how it relates to gardening practices and the Christian Faith.
  2. Observation and practical ideas from Sharon Lovejoy and other authors. Beneficial insects, birds, creatures, and weeds.
  3. Scientific discoveries about soil microbes.
  4. Applying the information and insights, integrating what we know.
These four themes are completely harmonious, whether authors emphasize one perspective or another.

As someone has said, the truth does not need to be defended, because the truth defends itself. One recent example is the failure of inorganic fertilizer salts in helping roses grow. One writer to a forum said, "My friends use organics and have great results, but I don't."

When I looked at what major roses gardens do - ta dah - they avoid inorganic fertilizers.

Queen Elizabeth has private gardens, very large and overflowing with every living creature and flower. The caretakers are told to use no toxins, no inorganic fertilizers.

If you cannot afford all the fancy chemicals and the high-powered soil osterizers, you can still have a royal garden. 

"Horse manure is better than inorganic salts?
Whoda guessed?"