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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reverse Engineer the Bird Feeding and the So-Called Pests Go Away.
Perfect Show Shoveling

Two weeks ago, grandson Alex and I stuffed four pounds of suet into various mesh bags. We had some leftovers, so we scattered those lumps around the yard.

The next day, starlings swooped into the yard to play tug-of-war with suet lumps and hang from the bags while feeding. More than 30 starlings were in the yard, day after day, rising to nearby trees to wait for additional food, such as sunflower seeds and the Big Cob of corn.

They played and washed in the bird baths, and other species came for the fun.

People grasp this with no trouble, so they should easily see how well this works with so-called pests when the scenario is changed.

Let's imagine a swarm of destructive insects has arrived, or eggs have hatched and hungry larvae are eating the crops. What we see as pests are food for:

  • birds, 
  • toads, 
  • parasitoid wasps, 
  • and spiders. 
Nothing can keep them from eating the fresh supply unless we kill the supply or poison everything with sprays and detergents.We want all those pest-eaters present, welcome, and happy in our yard, because they patrol night and day, as contrasted to the panicking gardener who runs to Lowe's, buys a box of XXX, and sprays down the plants.  

Individual statistics for each species beggar our imaginations. Each individual creature is good for thousands of creatures eaten in one season. So the real answer to garden invaders is to welcome them for the beneficial creatures they feed.

Yakety Yak

Keep all the papers - they're not trash
And that will save you so much cash.
If you don't mulch that garden floor
You ain't gonna pick no crops no more.
Yakety yak
(Don't talk back)
Just finish building compost piles
Let's see organics and some smiles.
Get all that good stuff from the curbs
Or you wont' grow so many herbs.
Yakety yak
(Don't talk back)
Just pick up the birdseed and the fat
And make a spider welcome mat.
And when you finish doin' that
Pull up a chair and have a chat.
Yakety yak
(Don't talk back)
Don't you give me no weary looks
This blogger's hip, he knows what cooks.
Just build some creature-friendly nooks
And buy those Sharon Lovejoy books.
Yakety yak
(Don't talk back)

Perfect Snow Shoveling
Our snow and sleet storm from yesterday ended this morning with sunshine, blue skies, and a girl pulling her baby sister on a sled.

Our helper came over to help shovel the three driveways - ours, the Gardeners, and the Wrights. We were working on the Wrights when another neighbor came by with his shovel. We discussed how difficult it was for the husband and wife to shovel, and we finished their driveway and cars in a few minutes.

Our helper then borrowed a shovel to do his neighbor's, who lost a leg to infection.