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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Start the Feeding and Splashing Early

This should clear up the part about Creation
and how this affects everything in Christian doctrine -
the efficacy of the Word.
The first question new bird-watchers ask is, "Why are the birds not using my feeder?"

Birds are suspicious of anything new. When I put up the Jackson EZ Bird Swing, I assumed they would avoid it - even the nearby feeder - for a time. Likewise, bird baths will seem to be a threat until the scout birds have tried them repeatedly and no reports of fatalities are rumored about.

This works for the bird-watcher and gardener too. Once they have the habit, they keep coming back and bring their friends.  Birds are noisy eaters and joyous bathers. They advertise the attractions and bring more to the party.

I am usually up  before the birds, so I look out the window for them at the Jackson Bird Spa, which I set up between two trees. They have several bags of suet, four bird baths, and the beat up wooden filing cabinet for food. I keep seed on various levels and scattered around the area. Anticipating this current storm, I bought a Giant Cob of corn and other seeds pressed into a brick.

Even though it is raining steadily, the birds are feeding and splashing. The suet bags seem to be constantly pecked at during the day, and the birds move from one opportunity to the next. They will drop to the ground, fly to a bag, or move to the feeder at the window.