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Monday, April 13, 2015

Borrowing from Calvinistic Baptists To Make a Point about Pietism's UOJ -
Jay Webber - Not Apt To Teach.
Boycott the Emmaus Conference

David Jay Webber My point has always been that an individual ~as an individual~ is not within the purview of objective justification. But certainly an individual can know that he is included in objective justification, by virtue of the fact that an individual is indeed a part of the world that was justified in Christ. Justification is individualized, however, when the means of grade (sic) are brought to bear on the individual, and when the individual is invited to faith and brought to faith by the gospel. Subjective justification is also known as particular justification and as ~individual justification~. So, the proper time to speak of individuals ~as individuals~ being justified, is when speaking about the individual reception of justification by faith.


  1. Jay was very impressed with Paul McCain,
    who has proven to be another UOJ fanatic
    with no knowledge of Lutheran doctrine.
    The Particular Baptists adhered to the doctrine of a particular atonement—that Christ died only for an elect—and were strongly Calvinist (following the Reformation teachings of John Calvin) in orientation; the General Baptists held to the doctrine of a general atonement—that Christ...

  2. ***

    GJ - Lutherans have always avoided coining new terms that have no basis in the Scriptures. Otherwise, the new false doctrines spring up like mushrooms after a long rain, living off the rot beneath.

    This particular claim struck me as odd because I have never found the term used, unless Baptists were indicating they were Calvinistic (limited Atonement) rather than General (universal atonement).Baptists.

    The UOJ merchants are always looking elsewhere for inspiration, since they find no solace in the Word or the Book of Concord. I am not shocked to find them absorbing and using alien terms from other confessions.

    Like Jon Buchholz, Jay Webber is not apt to teach, as the Scriptures require. Neither man is grounded in the Word and Confessions. Neither one is scholarly in any sense of the Word. Neither one can even come to grips with the justification by faith of the Reformation, as they have shown repeatedly.

    Like all Enthusiasts, they have no trust in the Word but they fill the world with their babbling. They are God's judgment upon the ELS, WELS, and the LCMS.

    "Particular justification" is not found in a Google search, and that search engine is quite thorough. The only way I could dig it up was with quotations that included - In particular, justification by faith... Note the comma in particular.
    Pardon me for laughing.