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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Continuing the Rationale for Stephan's Sex Cult - Emmaus Conference UOJ.
Boycott the Emmaus Conference

The Walther group left one abusive Pietistic cult leader, who died,
and submitted themselves to another - Martin Stephan, STD,
the syphilitic abuser of young women
who doomed his wife and children to die of the same disease.
Walther and the other pastors "didn't know!"

Tomorrow the Emmaus Conference will begin, in hopes of uniting the LCMS, WELS, and the ELS behind universal forgiveness without faith - Objective Justification.

The Emmaus Conference starts on Wednesday. Hope you can make it!

A paper on Objective Justification, presented by Rev. Jon Buchholz to the WELS Arizona/California District, can be downloaded here!

The co-conspirators have published the outline of Jay Webber's defense of Halle Pietism -

This is the outline of the paper that the Rev. David Jay Webber will be presenting next week:
"Our Righteousness Before God...Is Revealed in the Gospel. On This Righteousness Faith Relies." (quotation from FC SD III:57)
PART I: Why Objective Justification Mattered to the Reformers
This will deal with the patristic evidence and with the issues of the Reformation.
PART II: Why Objective Justification Matters to Us
This will deal with the issues of the Synodical Conference conflict with synergists and pietists, and with today's issues.
Objective justification is important in counteracting the postmodern assumption that there is no objective truth either behind, or in, the message of Christ.

GJ - I was reading about another cult, The Way International, which was torn apart by financial and sexual scandals galore, not unlike the WELS, ELS, and LCMS today, but especially true of the original Saxon Migration.

We used to drive by one campus of The Way and wondered about it. We have been at the various locations of the ELS, WELS, and LCMS. Little did we know about the depth of deception about the Synodical Conference's origins.

The Synodical Conference wants its brain-washed disciples to think the synods began in search of religious freedom, but the Stephanites were a Pietistic sex cult that had no problem with the bishop leaving his wife and children in Dresden while he sailed off with with his mistress, his groupies, and his clergy robots, including the Great Walther.

Stephan's financial and sexual scandals were so great that the government tailed him during his walks in the woods at night with young women and finally put him under house arrest, posting officers in his home. The tipping point was the house arrest, the career over, so the whole clergy group coerced as many as possible to leave for America. One reader called it a "cancer transplant," God's way to getting rid of them at once.

Insiders know that an outbreak of syphilis among the young women ended the deceptions. There was no cure at that time, and the shame was unbearable. Walther's gang came up with a clever solution. Walther's disciples, who did not side with Stephan, sailed down to Perryville, forced the bishop out of his house, stole all his gold, goods, books, and land, and kidnapped him at gunpoint, landing him in Illinois. Question - What is Walther's Pastoral Theology? Answer - A book of humor.

This Conference Promotes the Objective Justification of Stephan, Not Justification by Faith from the Scriptures and Confessions

Note the Objective Justification material being foisted upon the Synodical Conference. Although the Walther gang triumphed with the Brief Statement of 1932 and made it canonical even ueber-canonical, most people do not bend the knee to Stephan's Halle justification concept.

As previously confessed, Walther got his Easter Absolution nonsense from his adulterous cult leader, and Stephan got it from Halle University.

Another parallel. Stephan never finished a university program and was not qualified to be a pastor, let alone a bishop. Jay Webber and John Buchholz only have MDivs, and they lack any scholarly credentials. I will take that back - no two people are better qualified to lead the sheep astray. "They know not that they know not," as Plato once wrote.

  • As others have written, Objective Justification is a new term, not one used or accepted before the Halle Pietism lectures of George Knappe were published and translated into English. Walther later accepted the terms with approval, but they came from the Calvinist translation of Knappe.
  • Class - what do the OJ-SJ gurus call Justification by Faith? - Correct, they call in Calvinism!
  • Gausewitz wrote a catechism, widely used in the Synodical Conference, which never mentioned this double justification concept.
  • Halle Pietism's concept morphed into Objective Justification for the mainlines and all modern theologians.
  • At this low point in the Synodical Conference, where the leaders gladly work with ELCA and take money from abortion-loving Thrivent and its bagman, Jeske, these two knuckleheads - Webber and Buchholz - only want to talk about their previous Objective Justification