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Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Cannot Believe Dave Wendt Is a Pastor - Comment from a Reader

Dave Wendt's apparently drunken tantrum is nothing new -
but the object of his wrath, Claire Van Fosse, turned it into news.
Now Wendt is portrayed as the typical white NRA guy.
Last night the Left was already feeding on the drunken, obscene rant that Dave Wendt sent to the activist blogger above.

Everything  about this scandal is typical of WELS and the ELS:

  • Wendt admitted that it was his email account, but he denied writing the offer to gang-rape the young lady. Was he blaming family members for the email? Lacking the password, no one else can use his email. When will he give his computer to the police?
  • His affluent congregation immediately erased Wendt from the web pages, photo and all - scrubbed, except he lives on in the newsletters. No apology - just erasing, erasing, erasing. It's still "Maundry Thursday" on the front page, so that tells us what matters at that parish, in that sect.
  • His rather sparse Facebook page supported the nature of the attack, since the blogger questioned the behavior of police and he supported the police. No apology.
  • His fury was directed at a stranger who disagreed with his position, but he expressed that with threats of violence, sarcasm, and obscene insults. How persuasive!
  • Will Mark Schroeder apologize or just pretend it never happened.
WELS/ELS clergy quickly pop a fuse when someone dares to express a different opinion. Once I said at a WELS meeting that problems were finessed rather than addressed. 
  1. DP Mueller turned around and started ranting at me. 
  2. Other public tantrums came from Paul Kuske, Roger Kovaciny, Wally Oelhafen, and Fred Adrian. 
  3. More rants came in the mail, from Joel Gerlach, Paul Kelm, Norm Berg, and naturally Roger Kovaciny. 
  4. One WELS "friend" phoned me to say how glad he was that I was no longer in WELS.
  5. Besides some other "friend" blowups, some ELS and WELS pastors phoned to rave at me for telling the truth, trying to deny the obvious. One asked where I got the information. When I said "From WELS pastors and laity," he screamed and slammed down the phone.
  6. A Fox Valley pastor sent an anonymous email filled with every obscene term he could list. When I mentioned it on this blog, he sent an anonymous apology, claiming it was "an accident."
Those are just a few examples. Everyone knows how truth-tellers in WELS/ELS are beaten like rented mules and left to rot on a deserted country road. How many WELS blogs have been stopped and erased? I lost count. The latest is Shattered Pulpit - no files.

Alcohol definitely contributes to their problems with controlling rage. WELS/ELS clergy are very insecure and used to bullying others. "A man convinced against his will remains unconverted still."
But in an abusive cult situation, silencing and shunning are quite useful.

Alcoholism decreased the ability to cope with life's pressures and disappointments. Drunks are unable to see how ridiculous their behavior is and they are unwilling to apologize later. 

In a cult run by alcoholics, a good excuse is "I was so drunk, I didn't realize..." The alcoholic leaders can identify with that. How else does one explain Ski and Glende's drunken bar ministry, their behavior, and their rock star treatment by WELS?

Bar ministry - bar church.
Where else but WELS?

Do WELS clergy objectify and abuse women? Ski drove a female staffer to resign with his infantile and drunken behavior, but she was supposed to tell everyone "No problems," just as Bishop Katie did a few months before.

When WELS kept supporting and lying for Ski, the victim's husband was sued in court by Glende, Ski, and two staffers for telling the truth.