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Monday, April 20, 2015

"Not a Trained Theologian, Not a Pastor" - Please Abandon That Notion.
Both Come from Romanism

Too many laity begin a discussion by saying, "I am not a trained theologian" or "I did not go to seminary and learn all this."

Those statements fall into the trap that the Romanizing clergy set up to trick the laity. The Word of God is clear and plain in teaching all the articles of faith. That is technically called the clarity or the  perspicuity of Scripture.

As we have seen, the synodical professors are chosen for their adherence to current trends, not for their loyalty to the Augsburg Confession, the Word of God, or historic worship.

Lutherans need more study of the clear, plain Word of God. The Spirit is always at work when we study the Word with sincerity and humility.

Pelt the false teachers with dog manure and deprive them of food.

Do we tremble at the Word or at the footsteps of the dreaded District President? That shows where our faith lies. I contend that the DPs are a bunch of sniveling cowards who can only act tough when they are in a group or have their hangmen close by.

Speaking from experience, I have found the false teachers to be afraid of any face-to-face discussion of their errors. Don't they demand that? And when they get it...

The DP's assistant hopes to become the next DP,
but he will not descend to that office if he disagrees about anything.

They literally run away, as Valleskey did, or they pretend they never got a letter, as DP Nitz and SP Schroeder did. Nitz sent his back stapled shut (but hole punched for a notebook) and marked "Not read." Umm. Schroeder signed for the letter and "never received it" but offered to let me off the hook - "You don't need to apologize." Aww sweet. I kept the signature card and published it.

The Word of God is both a shield and weapon. The Word protects us from false doctrine, proven by the way the UOJistas wiggle and squirm to make the Bible say the opposite of what the text teaches.

The Word of God is a powerful weapon against errorists, who never want to hear what God says about anything. That would interrupt their perorations on universal salvation (except for the anathema sits aimed at JFBA teachers).