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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

UOJ Fanaticism from the Newly Minted WELS Pastors

LCMS DP Herbert Mueller, WELS DP Jon Buchholz, ELS Pastor Jay Webber

They may come in different sizes, but the UOJ Stormtroopers
are otherwise exactly alike.

From a WELS member:
Recent WLS graduates have been taught that it is up to them to tell people that they are saved (UOJ), and that nobody else will, so if they don't, they're condemning them to hell.

According to the myth UOJ, it's all about what Christ did for us. Finished. Done. Forgiven. SAVED. All you've got to do is point people to Christ so that they can see that they have already been made righteous and forgiven "in Christ." There is no need to bring Christ and his forgiveness, life, and salvation to us now in Word and Sacrament because it's already been done then at the cross and/or tomb.

For the WELS cultists, forgiveness is not here and now in Word and Sacrament, it's there and then "in Christ" on the cross.


GJ - That is an excellent summary from someone who knows. Of course, the WELS approach is full of lies, apart from the false doctrine. They--and the LCMS, ELS, and various shards and splinters of the Synodical Conference--agree with ELCA, give or take a little language variation.

I recall an LCA tape where they said angrily that the Evangelicals "did not teach grace." The man's voice cracked with emotion. He meant, "They do not teach universal salvation." That is grace to the mainlines, and WELS/ELS/LCMS are modern, rationalistic mainline groups.

Here is an official verson of WELS dogma, from their little periodical, The Popes Speak, aka WELS Meditations -

March-May 2014, for Monday, 17 March 2014.  The howler is in the second column which reads:  

"No matter what you did yesterday -- or failed to do -- and no matter what you will do tomorrow, God has forgiven you."