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Sunday, May 10, 2015

God Invented Disposable Diapers - Grackles Drop Them into My Rainbarrel

Luvs, Pampers, Huggies - long before man invented disposable diapers, God's air fleet was using them. Grackles call attention to this be dropping off the diaper bundles in swimming pools - and my rainbarrel.

Other birds use the same system, but grackles make the diapers a lot more visible, as I noticed yesterday and today, when little white puffs were floating in the rainbarrel.

When the parents feed the hatchlings, the baby birds form a fecal sac in a few seconds, wrap it in a tough mucous membrane, and push it out. The parents fly the diaper away, to keep from making the nest location obvious.

So the evolutionists imagine. But do we know their intentions? Maybe birds are neatniks.

Grackles may drop them in water, expecting the water to carry the evidence away. That means God invented sanitary sewers as well. That is why birdbaths need to be cleaned often. They are also targets, even though the birds may be bathing and drinking there.

This part is gross, so do not read it. Newborn didies are eaten by the parents, which allows them to recycle the undigested worms and insects. But when the babies get bigger, the parents just carry the sacs away. Grown birds simply expel waste. Like human babies, they outgrow the need for disposable diapers, but a lot quicker than humans do.

This is just another example of the soil creatures coming back to the soil in another form, so a managed garden and lawn will build up organic matter simply from the birds feeding their young and keeping their little homes clean and safe.

Birds Eating Between Storms
Water was standing in our backyard today, before the big storm moved in tonight, with loud thunder directly overhead, plus heavy rain.

The birds took advantage of the calm to bathe and eat fresh food. The suet is always out and water repellent (kidney fat). The seeds can get wet, but I have places to shelter some of the seed, and the bird platform lets water drain away.

Soggy seed  does not sound good, but we had goldfinches, starlings, house finches, doves, grackles, and cardinals feeding. Squirrels like to jump onto the hanging platform feeder, which makes a racket.

All our species take turns eating, so it seems as if they placed reservations.

When I was outside, standing still, looking over the backyard, goldfinches were feeding not far away. One flew from the window birdfeeder and landed near my feet, busying himself with a lot of feeding from the ground.

Feed them and they will stay.
Greeting card by Norma Boeckler.