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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Moving Up the Book Schedule

Ornithologists - the birds will love this.
Groundskeepers - who is going to keep this monster trimmed?
University of Chicago, Boston ivy, aka wild grape, aka Japanese ivy.

I had three book projects planned, but I decided to drop the apologetics novel, for various reasons. A keyboard does not make someone a novelist, and I lost interest in the plot. Book ideas need a grand concept behind them, like a whale attacking a ship, and I only had a whim.

I am cutting back on minor distractions to focus on what I enjoy best.

Number one priority - I am sponsoring a group project answering the bizarre, incompetent UOJ essay by Jay Webber. It is a good chance to compare the Biblical truths with the rationalistic Pietism dogma of universal absolution. The job is like shooting cows with a bazooka, but needs to be done nevertheless. The ceaseless ingratitude of the overpaid and underworked seminary professors is good motivation. I hope to have the parts together (various helpers) by the end of June.

Next in line - Creation Gardening book, with photos from the Jackson Rose Gardens. This will combine the doctrine of Creation by the Word - Six Day Creation - with the latest scientific knowledge about gardening. Previously I focused on earthworms, but now there is much more reason to appreciate the infinite dependencies of Creation at work.

So that will be my apologetics book. Evolution says this - but the garden says that. The doctrine of Creation is foundational in the Scriptures, in the Christian Faith, in Lutheran doctrine. Creation by the Word relates to everything in the Bible and the Book of Concord, yet Creation is ignored if not openly denied.