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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WELS Is All Out for NNIV - The New Hymnal AND All Northwestern Publishing House Projects

All opinions agreeing with the NNIV are welcome.
The rest get the Left Foot of Fellowship.

Intrepid Lutherans - WELS Going All Out for the New NIV
Alec Satin said...
If WELS adopts the NIV 2011, it's going to be hard not to believe that WELS has turned its back on both laity and the Word of God. The idea that the eclectic text is God's gift is far from universally accepted in the church at large. The fact that such a discussion seems to be verboten in WELS is another indication of how troubled things are here.

I came to WELS two years ago with such high hopes. Here seemed to be a denomination that was still holding strong. After previous heartbreaks when churches that I attended fell, I wanted so much for WELS to be what it presents itself to be. Yet there seems to be such a "my country right or left" attitude as per George Orwell. I've taken now to holding back my (educated) suggestions and concerns about practices which are concerning. Questioning in WELS seems to be taboo.

How can any group be healthy if everything is swept under the rug? Aren't we strengthened by questioning one another? (Proverbs 27.17)

About a year ago the subject of the hymnal came up in a WELS bible study. The young leader (not the pastor) said, "The hymnal committee has said that the NIV 2011 is substantively the same as the NIV 1984. There's no reason why we shouldn't use it." I raised some questions and provided some details as to why this wasn't the case. No response was forthcoming. Most troubling was the response of the class which seemed to have never heard of the NIV 2011, or the fact that the NIV 1984 was taken off the market.

How different are we from the Roman Catholic Church if the people are considered a separate, ignorant class trained to defer all matters of the faith to the privileged elite? This is not something Luther would applaud.

Intrepid Lutherans, you've made me so sad with this post. But thanks for keeping the information flowing.

You like the New KJV?
Read my foot.

GJ - According to one source, anything submitted to NPH must now be NNIV. This was easy to predict years ago. WELS began trashing the KJV at Mequon, preparing the way for an anti-sacramental NIV 1984.
WELS tossed critics of the NIV out of the ministerium, even though WELS criticized modern translations earlier.
WELS only considered the New NIV with any seriousness while this was developing. That was just like the amalgamation manipulations, where the votes were only counted when they were in favor of amalgamation.

Anyone who takes WELS seriously
has not paid attention to the plagiarizing beer buddies,
Ski and Glende,
and their guru Mark Jeske.