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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ironic Laughs Abound for Jeske's Change and Die! Conference, 2015

These six ECLA (sic) pastors have no problem 
with homosexual ordination and homosexual marriage.
Change or Die! you troglodytes who dare oppose such trendy innovations.

Half the pastors at this giant ELCA congregation are women, and one of them will teach y'all to Change or Die! OK, Erin is a deaconal minister, listed as a pastor.

They hide their denominational identity so well that they forgot how to spell it - ECLA?  They have six pastors who cannot proof-read their own website? They should join WELS. No one will notice.

Double dipper - Planning Giving Counselor and ELCA.
Change to variable annuities or DIE!

Thews and Pfotenhauer are LCMS pastors. Jeske had Parlow (WELS) from the Appleton area previously, and this time Witte, the WELS veteran from Appleton and now at the Asian mini-seminary. Kelm taught before too, and he was in Appleton for a moment or two. Parlow and Kelm have DMins in Church Growth and have lived the dream - ramming CG down everyone's throats for the last few decades.

Jeske, Parlow, and Witte are all leaders and founders of Church and Change, which WELS funded so you could pay for false doctrine through your offerings. Why do you have the New NIV required at NPH and for the new hymnal? - these blokes.

The WELS vineyard is nothing but grapes now, so these unionistic false teachers will show all the denominations how to do the same?

Jeske admitted last year he is not even a pastor. That is success in the apostate mainlines now - get out of the parish. The real work of the Lord takes place at headquarters, and in parachurch groups, and through hosting conferences.

I resigned from Shepherd of Peace in 1992, The next two pastors were die-hard Church Growthers. The current one is Steve Witte's sun-in-law. If Witte can teach the Asians his magic, why not show his daughter's husband how to have explosive growth in Columbus? Instead, Shepherd of Peace is now re-financing its debt to borrow money to last another year. Their Christian Academy, billed as a school but just a diaper changing service, stopping at Kindergarten, has bled the congregation dry. That is the WELS plan - save the denomination with Christian Academies, where favored ones earn money giving subsidized daycare to people who never go to church.

Thrivent voted to give Lutheran money to everyone
and expand its marketing base at the same time.
They have been giving to Planned Parenthood, secular causes,
and toxic groups for years.

Yes, Thrivent executive, now retired.

This Timothy Schwan?

Thrivent members vote to extend fraternal eligibility

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans announced June 7 that its membership approved an extension of its “common bond,” which will allow the 111-year-old fraternal benefit society to serve Christians beyond the Lutheran communities. Seventy-two percent of Thrivent members who cast their votes during the March 1-April 30 timeframe voted in favor of revising the organization’s articles of incorporation.
Timothy Schwan
Strategic discussions about such a change had taken place for a number of years, even before the merger of Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans in 2002, according to Timothy Schwan, vice president of church and community engagement for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. More serious discussions began over a year ago.
In May 2012, the Thrivent board unanimously voted in favor of amending the Articles of Incorporation to extend the common bond and to submit the proposed amendment to a benefit member vote for approval.
Nearly 425,000 members participated in this historic vote. “The number we feel best about is that 21 percent of our members voted,” explained Schwan to Metro Lutheran. Twice the number of a normal member vote, this support demonstrates the members’ investment, offered Schwan.