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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Circling the Wagons

Buchholz, Webber, and the entire circus of UOJ clowns
cannot set aside the Confessions, which concisely explain the Gospel,
nor can they claim the Fathers as their Rambach, Huber, and JP Meyer.

The Emmaus Conference serves as a good example of frightened church executives circling the wagons. Their precious UOJ is being picked away, individual by individual, because they cannot force their falsehoods on people who can read, Tweet, blog, and Facebook.

The LCMS, ELS, and WELS forced UOJ upon their lazy and indolent seminary students, but the laity are not being paid and promoted to endorse falsehood, crypto-Universalism - and fellowship with ELCA, Planned Parenthood, Sodom and Gomorrah.

They try to look casual, these UOJ Stormtroopers,
but they are scared out of their minds.

I am glad Webber pushed himself forward to give the lectures. He reminds me of Floyd Luther Stolzenburg, another LCMS trainee, always forcing himself on everyone and calling himself invited to teach what he was slavering to get across.

Webber's treatment of the history of Objective Justification (justification-without-faith) is a confused mixture of evasions, lies, distortions, and ignorance. I should have the more complete version of the real history posted tonight.

As someone said about Jewish mysticism, "It is garbage. But the history of garbage is scholarship."

Objective Justification has a history - not as old as they pretend - but a definite history with battles, villains, and heroes along the way. Webber writes the way I would if I had to deal with the history of knitting or needlework. The difference is - I would decline the chance to share my lack of knowledge.

The truth defends itself, as we will see. The Stormtroopers call up all manner of support for their perverted dogma - which is perfectly harmonious with ELCA's.

All their invented support is quite the opposite. Their cited experts are against UOJ, including Augustine, Luther, St. Paul, Ambrose, Calov, Gerhard, and Robert Preus.

The funny part is this - when Webber finds someone saying exactly what he wants - the man is a Pietist (like Rambach) only the man is dubbed "an orthodox Lutheran theologian." See how easy it is?

That is like saying, "Carl Sagan, an orthodox Christian, says there is no God."