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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Smoke-Filled Halls of Mirrors, Part 87

Luther noted that greed and deception are the two ruling motivations of this world, with deception being used to mask and excuse the greed.

Anyone expecting another experience is going to be disappointed whether in secular or synod politics.

The Wolf of Wall Street, whose movie was too obscene to be watched,
was the chosen, featured speaker for Thrivent.
Greed and deception - he has not paid back his victims.

I wrote a resolution against homosexual activism at the last LCA district convention I attended, They were already out in full force at a previous meeting, violating the rules for outside groups. My resolution got more hate stares than votes.

I wrote about apostasy in the upcoming ELCA merger for Christian News - a special issue that was sold out and reprinted. That did not stop WELS, Missouri, and the ELS from working with ELCA - not at all. Like Mark Schroeder and Joel Hochmuth, they were content to denounce ELCA while working with them.

Matt Harrison is no different. I have noticed that the Synod Presidents - Pope John Moldstadt the Malefactor included - will move heaven and earth to get rid dissenters and work just as hard to protect their known criminals and their accomplices.

The only thing that outrages the clergy is my writing and research about their synods' apostasy. They are the little ELCAs behind the big ELCA train engine. Speaking up will cost them their call and their faux-friendships. They are afraid of Holy Mother Synod but dead to the Holy Word of God.

All the clergy and laity from three synods gather to hear
ELCA's dogma of UOJ explained, mystified, and enigmatized.
"Will there be a table for materials to give away?"
Answer - "Not for Bethany Lutheran Church."

ELCA plunged ahead with homosexual activism being the driving force in quota-fed articles in their magazine, news releases from headquarters, and actions of the leaders. In 25 years those leaders who resisted were removed, replaced, or marginalized. I was interviewed at the Philadelphia LCA seminary and met the professor who argued in The Lutheran against the acceptance of homosexuality. That was the last article like that in the LCA.

I never thought the LCA clergy, bishops, and members would budge, but the 2009 convention - rigged for the gay marriage and ordination vote - motivated about 25% of the ELCA to leave: bishops, clergy, and congregations. One ELCA seminary after another is crumbling from lack of support, including the Philadelphia one where I was interviewed.

Where else would someone find a $200,000 a year plagiarist
working as an editor for Lutheran books?
Concordia Publishing House.

Someone told me that the LCA parish I left (Midland) is torn apart from "the issue." They were warned in 1987 and wanted to cling to Holy Mother LCA. 

WELS District VP Paul Kuske made fun of me for questioning WELS doctrine and Church Growth antics, but they did not like him criticizing their beloved UOJ. They did not do much, but they made it clear - no one criticizes their crypto-Universalism.

Like the Muhlenberg tradition (ULCA, LCA), the WELS leaders loathe any mention of their past leaders. 

That is so convenient, to highlight the new heretics and praise them into heaven, to forget and look blank about the old leaders like Hoenecke and Gausewitz - who would not recognize the flotsam and jetsam running the synod today.

The WELS mower is not used for Church Growth,
Church and Change,
Change or Die,
known DP and Mequon drunks,
or synod headquarter pedophile porn-swappers.