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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Rich Man, Lazarus, and Faith

Luther's comment is so appropriate for people today. The growth of unbelief, especially among the clergy, explains the corruption, lawsuits, prison sentences, and deceit. Fruit is not going to grow on a dead tree, and nothing will be fruitful when separated from the True Vine (John 15:1-10).

Lutheran clergy conferences are full of talk about outreach, but they do not visit their own members with the Gospel, do not return emails asking about doctrine, and show no trust in the Means of Grace. For them, evangelism is talking about outreach, going home and watching reruns of the Packers games. They fear discussing doctrine because they know little more than their talking points.

How odd it is, to find clergy posturing about what is wrong with their sister synod, or their sister seminary (Missouri), or those Evangelicals and Pentecostals. The first question should be - are these posturing pastors teaching  justification by faith - the chief article of the Christian Church? If not, they are no better than hired hands, thieves, and wolves. If they teach against justification by faith, they are wolves bent on scattering and devouring the flocks, no matter what their resume says on LinkedIn.

The hardened hearts are on display for everyone to see.

  • Look at the pretty shiny buildings at Concordia, Ft. Wayne. Avert your eyes from the felonious tuition charges there. 
  • Admire the Marvin Schwan Cathedrals at Concordia, St. Louis and Martin Luther College and Bethany Lutheran College. Do not ask about poor Lazarus at the gate, his first wife and the mother of his children, dying in despair and depression, leaving a note about his cruelty and infidelity. Money buys absolution.
  • Gush at the Church Shrinkers promoted by the various synods (WELS, ELCA, LCMS, ELS, CLC - sic). Do not question their doctrine.
  • Rebuke everyone and shun them, except those who can benefit your career. They deserve and welcome the most abject admiration and hypocritical praise. A kiss on the bishop's ring, or anything else, is money in the bank.

Jesus did not warn the clergy against false teachers in Mathew 7:15ff. He warned everyone.

Even though the great Wayne Mueller thought it wise to invent new doctrine, or copy it from the Pietists, the great warrior against the Pietists had something else to say.

Loescher called justification by faith "the article on which the Church stands or falls." That is almost always quoted by the UOJ Hive in the context of their justification, which is world absolution without faith.

Every UOJ Enthusiast is a liar, because each one quotes Loescher while teaching the opposite of  Loescher. They usually quote the Book of Concord on justification being the "chief article, the prince..." Blah, blah. They do that to switch over to their hideous dogma, because their favorite dogma is missing from the Bible and the Confessions, so they must start off everyone on one topic before reversing direction. They use the truth to introduce and support the worst kind of error.

We are not talking about whether Holy Communion and Holy Baptism are sacraments, but whether all the   atheists, polytheists, and cannibals are born forgiven - from the beginning of time. If you deny the absolution of the atheists, you are a false teacher and ready to be given the Left Foot of Fellowship by your synod, whether it is ELCA or Missouri or WELS or the Little Sect on the Prairie.

In other words, the ordinary Babtists or Methodists or Presbyterians have a better chance of hearing the basic Gospel than those Lutherans who are under the Satanic teaching of UOJ.

I doubt whether the sloppiest of the Evangelicals and Pentecostals would try to bray, "You are forgiven, whether you believe it or not." But the SynConference leaders have become bolder by the minute (or more scared) as they expand upon their hellish dogma.

Below are the Wayne Muller graphics, followed by the Sodomites absolved graphic. One leads to the other. The mainlines simply dropped "but you gotta believe it" from their arsenal. Teetering on the edge of pure Universalism does not make a UOJ Stormtrooper into a Christian. It simply makes him more dangerous.

This is utterly ridiculous.