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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thoughts from a Reader

Dear Pastor Jackson,

Just a short note to tell you how much I'm appreciating Thy strong Word.  So far I've finished the first chapter and am about halfway through the second.  Your defense of the Received Text was among the best I've seen.  It balanced well the narrow road of making it clear without overwhelming with minutia.  This seems not easy for many to do.  Extremely helpful to me was your discussion of the 3 "rules" of textual criticism.  I've discussed this with a Pastor friend (ret.) who has done some work on defending the AV in Reformed circles.  He took it very seriously, and was glad to hear it.

Also generous of you to provide your book for free on your website.  Thank you.

A thought - have you ever considered offering the book more visibly on your site?  If you offered it in individual chapters as well as the full PDF, it might be more accessible to people who would not choose to take the time to go through the whole thing.  The content is too important to allow it to fall by the wayside.

On a side note, your garden seems to be shaping up well.  Happy Spring!


GJ - Thank you for the encouragement, Alec.

Here is the free PDF version of Thy Strong Word. I will set up some sticky links on the left.

I am not going to post an entire chapter at a time, because 50 pages of text is too much for a post. I may assign a chapter to study from time to time.

I am banned, censured, and shunned in so many Lutheran circles that having my books mentioned always shocks me.

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