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Thursday, July 23, 2015

From a Reader - WELS Patterns

I think the Martin Luther College students gave Jeff Schone
a parochial school skirt to wear.

Adult men, congregational leaders, dressed up as "church ladies" (resembling that of Saturday Night Live skit fame--itself a sarcastic slap)...

A male professor in his fifties wearing tartan boxer shorts over his pants, on stage, before an audience...seriously? How would that be go over in other academic locales? 

College-aged males dressing as parochial schoolgirls (a known subject of lurid fantasy) and striking overtly effeminate poses?

Is there a pattern to all this?

It is not that of employing a debased kind of humor which is myopically viewed  as "funny"?

Humor has long been used as vehicle to sway public opinion for better or worse, knowingly or unwittingly.

It is not "harmless"  or sophomoric as it is so often cracked up to be.

One professor warned against making light of sin by employment of warped humor.

It subtly encourages those  with a proclivity to act out,  to blunt the viciousness, and therefore normalize the perversity which is ostensibly ridiculed.

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