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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Luther Answers Those Who Mock the Faithians.
Ignorance Is Leadership Bliss in the LCMS, WELS, and ELS.

The droopey-eyed, slack-jawed graduates of Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne, enjoy using their handful of insults against justification by faith. They used to say, before they retreated to lick their festering wounds, "You are not Christians. You are faithians. You do not believe in Christ. You believe in your own faith."

David Scaer, who confuses logical fallacies with wisdom, is one source of these Dephic pronouncements, like the graphic below.

Dontcha wonder how these wonder-boys keep their jobs teaching at nominal Lutheran schools? I certainly do.

When I became a Lutheran in my teens, there was great excitement over Luther, the new edition of Luther's Works (edited by Pelikan), and Roland Bainton's Here I Stand.

Later I was happy to know Pelikan, who attended the congregation where I worked, and Roland Bainton, who lectured at Yale Divinity and helped me on my dissertation at Notre Dame. Bainton was a prolific author, who out-produced and out-sold many of the academic blowhards I have known. But Bainton offered to xerox pages for me, assuming I did not have a key book for my research.

Pelikan left the Lutheran sects - and I have trouble blaming him - and Bainton remained on the Left side of Protestantism, but they were keenly interested in Luther's teaching, whether they were always right or not.

The LCMS-WEL-ELS coalition is in free-fall because they have no interest in Luther or an honest approach to Biblical studies. Moreover, they are anti-historical about their idol CFW Walther, a convenient tool for their agenda. They cannot even face what Robert Preus did at the end of his life, in Justification and Rome, repudiating UOJ.

Walther is handy because he was poorly trained and abused by two different gurus of Pietism, Johann Gottlief Kuehn and Martin Stephan (when Kuehn died). Walther's study of Luther is no distinction, since all Protestants study Luther, if only to distort his writings and argue against him.

I can only imagine these pretenders winking at each other as they cite Walther - the ultimate authority, even though Walther pimped for his adulterous bishop. kiddnapped his own niece and nephew, and robbed his syphilitic bishop of everything--gold, books, land--once they had a phony shock story and followers to march with torches and guns. The great Walther let his future mother-in-law go to prison for the kidnapping. No wonder he did not want an early history written down and feared the first attempt was too detailed. No problem - the cult protects their own criminals while attacking their victims. Ask Ski, Glende, Disappearing Doug, and Mark Schroeder.

Cameron McKenzie claims, as the LCMS does, that his sect did not begin until 1847, but they began when Stephan ordered them and his mistresses into ships to sail to America. When they left Europe for America, seeing themselves as the only Means of Grace in Europe, they formed the triumphalistic, legalistic Missouri Synod. The date? - 1838.

LCMS-WELS-ELS are Rambachian, not Lutheran.