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Friday, July 3, 2015

Webber Goes Full Lillo on WELS Discussions - On a Thread That I Cannot See Because Lillo Blocked Me and My Wife.
MLC's Tranny Joins Webber, Lillo - Solidarity

Joel has blocked me and my wife on Facebook,
so he is free to rant without showing up.
No shock - Jay Webber, Floyd Stolzenburg's pimp,
joined in the conversation.

Joel Lillo
WELS Discussions
27 mins ·
Of all the misleading posts that Greg Jackson has ever published over at Ichabod, this has to be the most misleading. It is an article about a college football player who came out at Augsburg College. He wrote the headline and highlighted words to give the impression that his lifestyle was encourage by MLC. In fact, if you read the article, it becomes clear that there was no one at MLC who encouraged him. He states very pointedly that he kept his sexual orientation hidden at MLC. Why anyone take the man seriously is far beyond me.…/former…
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A message for David Jay Webber.

Same thread. Can anyone figure out what this incoherent rant from Dan Babinec means?


Lillo whines about my posts and his inability to comment. I stopped comments because of his personal attacks against various Lutherans. His words were vicious, stupid, and ignorant, completely irrelevant as well. Other bloggers found him just as repulsive.

I often featured Lillo's eructations because he is typical of WELS clergy, including the DPs and Synod President. However, I am not about to let him spew his venom against others.

On WELS Discussions, when one of the insecure begins an attack, the others with emotional problems join in quickly. The more they write, the higher the page counts. So thanks and keep it up. It gives y'all something to talk about at your AA meetings.

Lillo's hero, Tim Glende, told the judge he was suing the victim of his and Ski's abuse "because of a blog in Arkansas." The judge said, "What?"

One of Ski's inebriated sermons was posted on this website
for months before they finally took it down.
Samantha Lily Birner - aka Samuel Birner.
He graduated from Martin Luther College, WELS, and came out immediately afterwards.