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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WELS GLBTQ Discussion Page Reads Ichabod Too - No Wonder the Page Views Total 5,500 in Two Days

Transfer to ELCA, where this was performed at their district meeting.

WELS GLTBQ Discussion Page on Facebook
According to Greg Jackson, guys dressing up in feminine clothing for comedic value like... influences people to be LGBT or something? I dunno, it's hard to find what his logic is in stuff.
Also, hurray for gratuitous use of the word "tranny." Cause using derogatory words while also calling yourself a pastor is the reasonable thing to do of course 
[GJ - How is trans-sexual derogatory? Why the self-loathing sarcasm?]

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From the WELS Discussions Page

Jeffery Clark I also knew Scott. He was a nice guy, but those of us who were in closer proximity (ie, same dorm) to him knew something was up, especially in that last semester, Andrea. Unfortunately, the atmosphere at MLC (and other synodical schools) tends to discourage people from getting help when they struggle with these kinds of issues. I remember quite vividly in our Literary Criticism class when Prof. Czer told us he would not be shocked if there were several dozen of our classmates at MLC who were gay. There have been several that have come out in the past five or so years.