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Friday, August 28, 2015

Avoid These Topics on a Nominal Lutheran Blog

Irrevelant? Yes.
Cute? Yes indeed.

  1. Felonies committed by Lutheran clergy.
  2. Cover-ups by District Presidents and the Synodical President.
  3. The value and Lutheran origin of the King James Version.
  4. The relative merit of any newer KJV versus the idiotic "dynamic" paraphrases sold by the sects.
  5. Justification by faith in Genesis
  6. Justification by faith in Romans 1, 3, 4, 5.
  7. Justification by faith in Galatians.
  8. Justification by faith in Luther's Galatians Commentary.
  9. Justification by faith in the Bible.
  10. Justification by faith in the Reformation, orthodox Lutheran leaders, and the Book of Concord.
  11. Justification by faith in Gerhard.
  12. Universal forgiveness without faith in Pietism.
  13. Universal forgiveness without faith in ELCA.
  14. Universal forgiveness without faith in Bishop Stephan, sex cult founder of the LCMS.
  15. Stephan's mistress living in the cabin next to him on the voyage to America.
  16. Stephan's syphilis and the Walther circle of clergy who covered it up.
  17. Stephan's syphilis as the real reason for the riot and robbery of Stephan.
  18. Stephan's Pietism and his Pietistic congregation.
  19. Stephan's Pietism and his teaching of UOJ to Walther.
  20. Walther's two Pietistic circles - Kuhn's and Stephan's.
  21. Walther as Stephan's enforcer - punishing clergy for their infractions against the bishop.
  22. Walther's lies about Stephan, Pietism, and the founding of the LCMS.
  23. Missouri's continuing lies about Stephan, Pietism, and Walther.
  24. WELS-ELS-LCMS abusive clergy following the dictatorial examples of Stephan and Walther.
  25. The previous teaching of justification by faith in WELS and the LCMS.
  26. The suppression of the Gausewitz catechism.
  27. The efficacy of the Word in the Bible.
  28. The efficacy of the Word in Creation.
  29. The efficacy of the Word related the justification by faith.
  30. The efficacy of the Word in Holy Baptism.
  31. The efficacy of the Word in Holy Communion.
  32. The efficacy of the Word in Absolution.
  33. The efficacy of the Word in the liturgy.
  34. The efficacy of the Word in evangelism.
  35. The efficacy of the Word in sermons.

Any blogger who avoids these topics will be hailed as wise, wonderful, and worthy of a professorship, if only he completes his drive-by DMin so he can call himself Dr.

Northworst Publishing House
never seems to tire of publishing about sodomy.
But please - no justification by faith submissions.
And always quote the New NIV.