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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Benefits of Being WELS!? - Rubrics Supplied

Next door neighbor of The CORE,
only the kids are balding Boomers.

What benefits does our congregation receive by being a member of WELS? 

1. IDENTIFICATION: The WELS logo helps people to quickly identify a congregation as a member of the WELS church body: a conservative, Bible-believing church that celebrates Christ’s love shown in his redemption of all people from sin, a church that sees as its calling the sharing of his love with the world.

Illumine graphic on its websty - really screams WELS apostasy and stupidity,
not to mention mocking the Holy Trinity.

A WELS pastor said many people walking by the booth at the fair said "Never again!"

2. TRAINING: Our pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and missionaries have all been trained by the same ministerial education system that focuses on proclaiming the Word of God and that provides opportunities for continuing education.

They are trained, over and over again, in Church Growth. Only the Church Growth fanatics get promoted and protected from their felonies. The graduates know nothing about the Lutheran Confessions, but they love, love, love the New NIV.

3. OVERSIGHT: Our Conference of Presidents funds and communicates the synod’s ministry plan as well as makes sure that WELS stays united in its teachings and practices. The Synodical Council manages the synod’s ministry plan, ensures that all gifts are used wisely, and acts on behalf of congregations between conventions.

Oh really? A District President says the only thing they agree on is to disagree.

4. MISSIONS: Our Home Missions division assists congregations with opening new missions and daughter congregations in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Our World Missions division carries the gospel throughout the rest of the world.

If you like popcorn and Coca-Cola entertainment farces, you will love the new WELS under Mark Schroeder and Mark Jeske. The mission department likes to foreclose on the mortgage, close down the congregation, and pocket the equity for itself. Ask Star of Bethlehem, Tim Glende's disaster in Illinois.

World missions? Don't make us laugh.

5. FINANCES: WELS Church Extension Fund provides grants and low interest loans to mission congregations that are purchasing land and building churches. WELS Foundation provides giving instruments that individuals can use to support the Lord’s work both now and after they have gone to heaven. Christian giving counselors are assigned to all congregations in North America to assist individuals with carrying out their charitable intentions. WELS Investment Funds provides cost-effective, professionally managed investment portfolios for endowment, scholarship, and charitable trust funds.

Bwa-ha-ha. First the chapel fund disappeared under Gurgle. Then Mark Schroeder missed $300,000 being embezzled by just one pastor. One old hand told me about Schwan checks that came in and were not even logged into the WELS financial statements or put in the regular account.

The Tetzels lie about Irrevocable Charitable Gifts - robbing the estates of widows and orphans. And yet they have "divine calls" no matter what. Does anyone wonder why these "counselors" are required to have an insurance license?

WELS stole St. John Lutheran Church and its endowment - in Milwaukee. Now an ELCA pastor is in charge there. Who facilitated the theft? Jeske pals.

6. PUBLISHING: Northwestern Publishing House produces literature that is true to God’s Word including Bible study materials for all ages, commentaries, devotions, and Sunday school materials. WELS Multi-Language Publications translates materials into different languages for use in our world mission fields.

They are deeply and passionately committed to the worst Bible paraphrase ever invented by the radical apostates - The New NIV. That should suffice. Lutheran Confessional materials?...Waiting, waiting, wanting.

7. CONGREGATIONAL SUPPORT: WELS Congregation and Ministry Support Group provides resources and services to support and strengthen congregations with their Lutheran schools, youth ministry, adult discipleship, worship, evangelism, and special ministries.

If you knew Fuller, like they know Fuller, oh, oh, oh what a school. Wayne Mueller made adult and youth education "adult discipleship" and "youth discipleship," part of the Fuller booshwa.

8. CALLED WORKER SUPPORT: WELS VEBA provides health, disability, and pension coverage to all of our called workers, striving to produce results that are advantageous to them and financially prudent for our congregations and synod. WELS Human Resources is available for advice as congregations strive to display the “double honor” we are to show our pastors, teachers, and staff ministers (1 Timothy 5:17). God gives us the privilege of reaching out to the world in his name and his Holy Spirit works generosity in our hearts so that these and other ministries can exist. Our congregational offerings are, year after year, the main source for funding the proclamation of Christ’s love to us and to all the world.

Lots of support for the Jeske-Patterson mob. The rest can starve. One pastor has to decide between medicine and buying food for his family. Everything is aimed at the "right families." They get a free pass on everything. The rest are duped and dumped at will. 

Here is the leadershp of WELS - no matter how foolish or incompetent they might be.
Lutheran doctrine is especially abhorrent to these louts.
No, I will not post Adam's cross-dressing photos again, not today.
Jeff Schone is no better in a plaid skirt than he is in that awful green monstrosity.