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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Delegates view trailer for new WELS movie

“Only one woman had the unique privilege to call Jesus her son,” notes Rev. Mike Hintz, director of WELS Commission on Evangelism. “WELS’ newest outreach movie, My Son, My Savior, portrays Mary experiencing the miracle of Jesus’ coming and then humbly growing in her understanding that her son is also her Savior.”
Synod convention delegates had the opportunity to view a trailer for My Son, My Savior. The movie, which was filmed in late May and early June, is scheduled to be released in October so that it can be used for outreach during Advent.
Dr. Daniel Ebeling, a teacher delegate representing the Southeastern Wisconsin District, says, “I’m particularly excited about the outreach opportunities My Son, My Savior can provide. I’m looking forward to seeing the other resources that are being prepared to help us utilize the movie.”

Some Nother Fund-Raising Campaign
One layman said there was a new fund-raising campaign announced, so WELS can do more.
The layman said, "They need more money to close more congregations and schools, and do it faster." 
I hastened to add that closing a church and keeping the equity is a choice racket. The members bear the burden of debt payments and interest that the sect collects. Then, when the land and buildings have gained in value, the sect liquidates and keeps the profits, which came from the disbanded members.
That is how Glende turned a successful church into nothing in Illinois.
An education at Martin Luther College will transform young men
into transvestites. Give more, give with your heart,
so they can buy better tutus.