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Saturday, August 29, 2015

WELS DP Jon Buchholz Cannot Get Past the Simple Truths of the Gospel, Justification by Faith

The objective reality of justification for the world that was achieved at the cross does not change with the roller coaster of human emotion. Whether a person’s faith is weak or strong, Christ—the object of faith— remains rock-solid and unshakeable. God’s completed forgiveness, acquired at Calvary and sealed by Easter’s empty tomb, is the objective basis of comfort for troubled sinners. 
Buchholz Essay, Part 2, page 2.

Sorry Jon - you get a D in sentence construction. Your baloney was expressed far more elegantly by Edward Preuss, the UOJ expert who joined the Church of Rome after teaching at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

Yes, this is the same nonsense, but Preuss said it better.
Paul McCain and Jack Cascione love the Robert Preus essay
but never quote Preus' Justification and Rome, where UOJ is repudiated.

The Lutheran Church was born of Martin Luther’s Anfechtung9 and his subsequent rediscovery of the righteousness of God in Christ freely given by grace. Only the pure doctrine of God’s completed salvation in Jesus offers the comfort that a troubled heart craves, and preserves an afflicted conscience from despair. Essay, Part 2, Page 3.

So many errors in two sentences - what arrogance! The Lutheran Church is nothing more than a continuation of Christian orthodoxy, as the Book of Concord is anxious to show. Hilarious to claim that the Lutheran Church was born in Luther's anxious heart. Perhaps Luther's earned doctorate in Biblical studies and his teaching the Scriptures had something to do with his doctrinal clarity.

The Lutheran Reformers often expressed justification as "the righteousness of faith." How that phrase must gnaw at the anxious hearts of false teachers who have no faith, but also have no jobs apart from mouthing the words of the Christian Faith without believing them.

One cannot expect a mere WELS DP to grasp the efficacy of the Word. Why, the noted Mequon Professor of Old Testament, Dogma, and Everything Else - John Brug - managed to write a thick book called The Ministry of the Word without more than a brief mention of the efficacy of the Word.

Buchie's Beewax is a cure for chapped hides.
At first Rick Johnson chapped his hide, but later he made sure Rick was well funded.
Jeff Gunn chapped his hide, so Buchie later accepted Gunn and scorned those who objected.
"Jeff has repented. Have you?" - he said as he smote them with his righteous wrath.