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Friday, August 7, 2015

WELS Leadership Inaction - Compare It to the Golden Gophers.
"For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." Luke 16

Drinking on the job - check.
Inappropriate texting - check.
Enough to fire both of them for behavior and poor supervision.
Add - lewd material handed to female staffer,
obscene language, screaming at staff.
WELS DP and SP reward them.
District VP promoted to DP for supporting them.
Glende speaks to national WELS teachers conference.
Teague did not take his victims to court: Ski and Glende did.

Minnesota AD Norwood Teague resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague resigned on Friday morning amid allegations of sexual harassment.
Teague, who got the athletic director job three years ago, issued a statement through Minneapolis television station KARE 11 in which he said he drank too much on the night in question and is seeking treatment for his alcohol problems.
"At a recent university event, I had entirely too much to drink," Teague said. "I behaved badly towards nice people and sent truly inappropriate texts. I'm embarrassed and I apologize to everyone involved. This neither reflects my true character or the true character of this great, great university."
In a open letter to the university community, school president Eric Kaler said Teague's resignation "follows the report of two recent incidents of sexual harassment of two non-student University employees." He didn't go into detail about the nature of the harassment.
"To be clear, sexual harassment will not be tolerated at the University of Minnesota and I sincerely regret that our employees experienced this behavior. The University has an explicit policy and a strong code of conduct that articulates our standards. Ensuring a healthy learning, working and living environment for all in our University community is very important," Kaler wrote.
Beth Goetz, the university's deputy athletic director and senior women's administrator, was named interim AD. A news conference is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Minneapolis.
Teague brought Goetz with him when he left Virginia Commonwealth University for Minnesota in 2012.
Teague was hired to replace Joel Maturi and was charged with reshaping a Golden Gophers athletic department that had fallen far behind the rest of the Big Ten in terms of its facilities.
Unlike Maturi, who tried to build a department that put resources into both the cash-generating sports, such as football and men's basketball, and lower-profile programs including track and wrestling, Teague came in with a clear plan to emphasize the most popular sports in hopes of generating more revenue that could trickle down to the rest of the department.
He set about to raise nearly $200 million to bring new practice facilities for football and men's basketball -- a gargantuan task for a school that hasn't had the type of sporting success that gets big donors to open their wallets. But Teague helped raise about $70 million in the first year of the plan, and the school had hoped to start breaking ground on new projects this fall.
Teague carved out a reputation as a basketball administrator in his previous six years as athletic director at VCU, where he teamed with coach Shaka Smart to bring the little-known program to national prominence. While at Minnesota, he fired Tubby Smith and hired Richard Pitino, the son of coaching legend Rick Pitino, to lead the men's program. He also replaced Pam Borton with Marlene Stollings on the women's side.
Teague said he planned to "reassess my career and life options. While I'm proud of my career accomplishments, I want to stop and take a look at my life and alcohol issues."
Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.
How many pastors give nude male photos of a sports star to a female staffer
and find themselves protected by the Synod President,

and issued an insta-call to get them a new job?


Couldn't help myself when seeing the stark contrast between 2 very similar factual events.

University of Minnesota AD.   1) Incident described as bad behavior, embarrassing, not a true representation of character.  2) resigns to examine his issues.

WELS Pastor   1) Multiple incidences vaguely described as boorish behavior to hide what actually happened.  2) Sues victim with a buddy Pastor and 2 cronies for talking about what actually happened, transfers to Texas with the new congregation that isn’t clued in about what actually happened.

If a person wants to go to hell, just keep listening to what the WELS preaches & teaches. 

In Christ,

WELS Layman


GJ - And even more important, WELS re-elected the same thugs and clowns who run this circus.


Thanks Greg,

I don't know what is worse though....   Pastors & Teachers who pull this garbage or members who worship these scumbags like gods.


GJ - The enablers are worse, whether DPs or CPs or classmates who hold to the infallibility of their buddies. They teach that certain clergy are untouchable and beyond criticism, but they also shun anyone who -

  • Cares about sound doctrine.
  • Tells the truth.
  • Questions the sodomitic secret rituals, like anal sex with the Sprinter statue.
They moved the Sprinter to MLC after closing Northwestern College,
because the pastors did not want to leave their marble friend behind.

WELS 101 - Squash the thought that people saw what happened and can make their own observations.

WELS Layman