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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Honest Treatment of Justification by Faith versus Universal Objective Justification

This UOJ advocate chaired Seminex, the first gay Lutheran seminary in America,
but not the last.
The Seminexers are still the vanguard of the radicals in ELCA:

a number of them became bishops and seminary professors.


From the Epistle: Dear people, Kurt Hendel is retiring

Posted May 4, 2015
Eight o’clock Monday morning, room 201: a class of mostly juniors is armed with tall, insulated mugs of coffee, laptops open and ready. They’re prepared for a three-hour Lutheran Confessions class with Dr. Kurt Hendel, the Bernard, Fischer, Westberg Distinguished Ministry Professor of Reformation History. What they may not realize is that this is the last time Hendel will be teaching the course as a member of LSTC’s faculty. On July 1, Hendel will be the last of the nine Seminex professors deployed to LSTC in 1983 to retire. He says, “It’s been a joyous time for me. I’m just surprised that it went so quickly!”
A few of us - precious few - have read many of the UOJ commentaries, books, and essays published by the Synodical Conference. Not one of these UOJ publications is honest enough to say "I am teaching against justification by faith for the following reasons..." In fact, they pretend to be teaching justification by faith when they are adamantly opposed to it. Their Subjective Justification is nothing more than making a decision for universal forgiveness and salvation.


As readers can already see, The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans clearly shows the difference between justification by faith and UOJ.

UOJ Enthusiasts never deal with arguments against their weak position. I have tried to include all their favorite passages and arguments. The latest eructation, at Emmaus 2015, is examined paragraph by paragraph. Jay Webber was too timid to mention the opposition while he brashly tried to link his Pietistic heroes to his favorite dogma and call it "Lutheran orthodoxy."

The purpose of the book is to start people studying the topic on their own. It is easy to see whether people are following the ruling norm of the Bible and the ruled norm of the Confessions or bowing to authoritarians principles, being loyal to Holy Mother Sect and Uncle Fritz. "Are you calling my seminary professor a false teacher?" Imagine if the apostles had been so thin-skinned that they could not deal with issues at the Council of Jerusalem.

  • The Synod President of the LCMS is a false teacher. 
  • The Synod President of WELS is a false teacher. 
  • The mini-Synod President of the Little Sect on the Prairie is a false teacher. 

Why? They believe, teach, confess and promote the delusion - against Scripture - that God declared the entire unbelieving world forgiven and saved the moment Jesus died, or else the moment He rose from the dead. They have yet to agree on the Moment of Universal Absolution.

They cloak their evil dogma by using such words as "justifying the sinful world," which sounds nice until someone reads the fine print - forgiving the atheists, the polytheists, the cannibals, and the fertility cult worshipers.

They deceive in another way. They pretend to be opposed to ELCA, abortion on demand, and ordained sodomy, but they work constantly with ELCA. The favorite ELS-WELS-LCMS media person  hosts a joint-ministry training program every year with ELCA - Change or Die! And  Mark Jeske presides over Thrivent looting the conservatives to give piles of dough to ELCA, Planned Parenthood, and other nefarious, secular outfits.

These leaders have been cuckholded by ELCA and do not mind at all, because they loathe Lutheran doctrine as much as they despise unborn life. Look at the nincompoopery they will gather for in October, another way to shame the Reformation.

Erin is ELCA. Ask her about her abortion providing health plan.
Steve Witte is a founder of WELS Church and Change.
Tim Schwan is soblessed by Thrivent.
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