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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Intelligent Observation from LutherQuest aka SpenerQuest.
Weedon Learns to Kilcrease Comments

Father Weedon, Chaplain to the Court of St. Matthew, is on the right.
Paul McCain, unrepentant plagiarist, is on the far left,
downloading the latest high-carb diet plan.

This evening on his blog, "The New Rules," Chaplain Will Weedon wrote:

"Folks, I simply don't have time or energy to engage in internet arguments, particularly those from folks who strike me as simply being contentious. So, if your response strikes me that way, it's going to just disappear. No explanations, no debate. It just goes "poof." I figure folks are more than welcome to set up their own sites and argue to their hearts' content. But not here. I'm happy to try to answer any honest inquiries as time allows, of course."

An hour and a half later "Chris" responded:

"If you can't handle the jabs that come with having an internet blog, maybe you should stop doing it like McCain did. He couldn't and probably still can't take criticism either."

According to the LCMS rulebook,
we snort and say "That's Calvinism!"
whenever someone mentions justification by faith.


GJ - To kilcrease means to erase comments, a technique used so often by UOJist Jack Kilcrease that his last name became a verb.

Jack Kilcrease, adjunct for the Church of Rome,
explains justification for us morons who study Luther and St. Paul.