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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Staggering Examples of Design in Ancient History - and in the Backyard

The meme above is so handy, I often use it for answering any puzzle. This archeologist is on the History Channel and usually has the same answer for ancient mysteries.

Ancient tools, engineering, and monuments fascinate me. As we all know, very little can be constructed without special tools. Gardening without shovels, trowels, pruning tools - forget it.
And yet gardening is quite primitive compared to building homes and buildings.

Ancient monuments are so enormous and precisely made that people still scratch their heads about how these were fashioned.

Instead of attributing this to aliens, I think the answers lie in pre-Flood technology and its evidence still existing. But I do not have to explain how - this only makes the engineering of Creation more impressive.

When gigantic stones are moved and placed together without mortar, everyone knows that engineering and tools were required. I will leave the explanations to those who know far more than I do.

Orioles Weave and Other Creatures Work with Mud
I was discussing orioles with Norma Boeckler, and their wonderful hanging bag nests. Like the Great Pyramid, no one can deny this nest hanging from the branch. The weaving skills are impressive, but even more so - the software that guides the tiny brain of the bird.

The blocks I used to build the Bird Paradise have a total of 36 protected openings in them. I found evidence of mud dauber wasps in some holes and birds' nesting material in others. I washed them all out so I can see what happens in the future.

If birds are a marvel in building nests, how much more marvelous are the insects that build homes from mud and manufacture their own paper for nests?

Some people scream like little girls about wasps, but I say, "Bring them on. Leave their nests alone. They are Close Air Support, taking out the enemy."

We focus on individual characteristics of insects, but I look at the infinite dependencies of all the creatures and plants, working together when timing is essential. There is even a body of science about this timing. The right insects, birds, and plants must work together to be productive.

Wasps attack pests all summer, but in the fall, when berries are easily available, they feed on berries, and their bodies change, getting ready for winter. A co-inky-dink? If so there are many more to explain, such as plants signaling for beneficial insects and getting help flown in, often baby beneficials that eat their way out of the pest and grow up to lay eggs that do the same.

"Alien? I am praying."