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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thanks for the Comments

I enjoy hearing from readers, one way or another. Some stop by. Some phone. Others email or send messages via mutual friends.

Today there were 2,000 views. Recently it soared to 3,000. The annual rate is about 1 million views.

The gardening articles are very much appreciated and fun to write. That will be the next book.

Having a couple stop by at the right moment got me into high speed finishing The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans.

Someone referred to my "scorched earth policy," an interesting term. In gardening, burning off dried weeds will fertilize the soil and open it up to new growth. Otherwise the old field weeds choke off growth.

I do not think publishing Luther's sermons and many other Lutheran materials could be called scorched earth. Reporting on crimes and false doctrine should not fall on me alone but it does. No one else will do it. The blogs want to chat about the common cup and the American flag. I am praying for the day when those are my biggest concerns.

Luther wrote - and you confess - that lazy ministers should be chased out of town, baited with dogs, and pelted with dog manure. If you do not know that passage, you are not familiar enough with the Book of Concord.

The collapse of Lutheran doctrine and worship is precisely because of apathy at the congregational level. People think electing a different synod president will make a difference.

How is Pope John an improvement over George Orvick in the ELS?

How is Mark Schroeder better than Gurgle? And Gurgle better than Mischke?

How could Matt Harrison run for president with Paul McCain's help and have any integrity?

It goes deeper - or shallower, if you will. Wayne Mueller finally left the Holy Office of First VP of he Wisconsin Sect. His replacement was a Fuller alumnus - Jim Huebner, son of Al Just's character witness.

Future elections fill me with the same ennui.

Tim Glende wants to follow Rutschow as DP
when the Brit retires.