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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WELS Got Way Ahead of the Liberal Evangelicals -
Billy Graham's Unrepentant Grandson Filing for Divorce and in a New Call

The LCMS kicked Floyd Luther Stolzenberg out of his call - for cause.
WELS soon made him a highly paid Church Growth Consultant
and allowed him to play the role of a pastor in Columbus,
then endorsed him for a new call.
Jay Webber, Paul Kuske, DP Robert Mueller, Kovo, Wally Oelhafen,
and the Michigan District pastors went along with this farce.

Shameful: Tchividjian is on staff at a PCA church in Central FL. This has been verified by multiple sources.

GJ - Does anyone wonder why WELS is shrinking faster than Clinton/Bush prospects for the presidency?

Our boy Tullian blamed his adultery on his wife's adultery, a fine example of clergy deception and lack of repentance.

The WELS clergy in Columbus told everyone that Floyd Luther had a "Scriptural divorce," which was a bald-faced lie. Jack Preus said that was not true. Herman Otten said it was not true, and another well known LCMS leader said it was not true. Floyd's associate at Salem in Blackjack, Missouri said the congregation would have blown apart if all the husbands and fathers knew the truth.

Of course, Marvin Schwan also had a "Scriptural divorce," which I asked to have explained to me. I said, "Is that like Scriptural murder?"

Adultery seems to be the default mode of the WELS clergy, from many reports. The leaders only object when it gets out into the open and makes them look as stupid, corrupt, and degenerate as they actually are.

The congregations know how bad it is, at least in their little territories. For some, it is a delight to have the clergy and teachers as loose as they are - in the name of sinning more that grace may abound. For others, it is the final reason for leaving.

Marvin Schwan divorced his wife to marry the
wife of one of his executives.
His cruelty led to his first wife's suicide.
No wonder the WELS leaders were pawing the ground
for the New NIV.