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Friday, November 27, 2015

No Fixing the WELS, ELS, Missouri, or the Micro-Mini Sects -
Man-Made Solutions Are the Problem

This cat lost his confrontation with a bee.

People ask about fixing the WELS or the other abusive sects. Just for perspective, the Church of England has appointed a woman bishop who promotes nudism.


George Conger

The Church of England has appointed as Bishop of Sherborne a leading advocate of Christian nudism. On 26 Nov 2015 the Prime Minister’s Office announced the The Queen had approved the nomination of the Ven Karen Gorham, the Archdeacon of Buckingham, to the Suffragan See of Sherborne in the diocese of Salisbury in succession to the Rt Rev. Graham Kings.
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The Lutheran sects can only say, "We are not ready for that...yet."

The Word of God could bring the hammer down, and the parts would scatter like Silly Putty. But that is not going to happen. The Lutheran leaders do not believe in the efficacy of the Word, and they never teach it.

They teach worship of their sect and the infallibility of its leaders. Walther-Pieper represent the Golden Age of Lutherdom for some, even though Walther was poorly education and taught his Objective Justification by a syphilitic bishop who never graduated from college.

Walther did not spend enough time in school to learn the Biblical languages, so he applied his rationalistic college education to his poor grasp of Lutheran doctrine, as viewed through the prism of Pietism - with many astonishing distortions from that view.

Let's not start on fists, Jan and Scott.

Francis Pieper and the next generation were stooges who repeated the Stephan-Walther line - obedience to the infallible leaders with an amalgamation of Pietism, rationalism, and Lutheranism.

Anyone who departed from the Walther ruling norm (Waltherus norma normans) was driven out and slandered to a fare-thee-well.

Fixing the WELS District Presidents will not work because the genuine rulers of WELS are certain family members and their unelected governing body - Church and Change - now in deep cover. The members, clergy, and teachers assume that familiar names will give them the good ol' WELS of their dreams. 

WELS, Missouri, the ELS and others have proven this by replacing one disaster with another disaster, but they cannot admit this. As they say about Pope John the Malefactor in the ELS - "He can't preach, and he can't teach. What else can we do with him?" 

Money controls them all. The ruling families divide the spoil and let the galley slaves do the real work. When the so-called elite finish skimming the till, nothing is left for the workers, so they fund wild-hair projects for certain people to travel around the world or to fill made up jobs with nothing to do except act important.

Mark Jeske helps fund Planned Parenthood and ELCA.
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