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Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Norma Boeckler, Our Artist-in-Residence,
Bethany Lutheran Church.
Facebook's Favorite Religious Artist

Norma Boeckler is an award-winning artist who contributes
Christain art daily to Facebook.

Tomorrow marks Norma Boeckler's birthday. She has loved art all her life and devoted her talents to learning as much as she can, sharing as often as she can. She is up early every morning with new contributions on Facebook. I share some of them.

When I wanted to look up her photo by googling our blog, I got hundreds of her creations.

If I can boast about anything, it is encouraging her to get Photoshop and use Facebook. She produces an uncanny number of graphics for everyone - Scriptural illustrations, book covers, landscapes, and general Christian themes. She also works in many different media, so she may Photoshop a photo or use watercolor or sepia or make her own paper. I am only touching the surface of what she does.

The photo above only hints at how much fun Norma is to be around. She delights in everything, which shows in all her work. My wife Chris and I loved visiting her this summer and having a Holy Communion service at her home.

Norma Boeckler won an award with this painting.

I asked for an external drive of her artwork and noticed she did all the computer work casually in a few seconds while talking to me. When my hard drive failed, that was my main concern, losing access to her artwork. Since that trip I have added many new contributions. Just to show how many, I created a folder, then a subfolder for New Testament and Old Testament, then subfolders within for various books of the Bible. But that was not enough, since she began with parts of the Catechism as well.

So, if you want to thank someone who glorifies God every day in art, send a message to her by email or on Facebook.

Here is Norma Boeckler's Amazon book account, which does not include how much she has done on my books.

Norma Boeckler on Facebook.

Norma Boeckler's Art on Facebook.

Norma Boeckler Fine Art America.

Sunlight on a Table, by Norma Boeckler