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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Generosity Spreads the Word of God

Copies of The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans are moving across the nation now. I had no trouble ordering multiple copies for many people because of gifts given to do that very thing. Free books have been sent to ELDONA, the only group teaching justification by faith; Pastor Herman Otten, in case he wants to review the book; various LCMS pastors and laity; WELS members and clergy; plus a few others in the stealth mode.

The current orders will arrive February 10th, some a little earlier, perhaps by February 5th.

If you have been overlooked, send me a message with your address -

Brett Meyer attended one Emmaus Conference and gave away books and materials - until he was asked not to speak to people about justification by faith. We took the Free Conference title seriously.

Nevertheless, the effort and expense bore fruit, which is probably why the UOJ leaders were so alarmed.

Other people are involved in these publishing efforts, and they receive payment for their work. That means research, editing, and more editing. "There are no good writers, only good editors." - An old motto of newspaper editors.

One goal is to have others practiced in the art and science of self-publishing. People I have little chance of meeting in this life have been essential in various projects. I plan to do more as long as I am able.

Thy Strong Word was going to be my last book, because it was a lengthy, expensive, and frustrating project that was universally shunned and blocked by the UOJ Stormtroopers. But it did get around and I published a hardcover English-only version. One person wrote this today -

"I am ordering the hardcover Thy Strong Word today. The book is too good to read on a PDF."